The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
Window Dressers

Motions and Dollars 
While thirteen Rotarians and three guests were enjoying subs from Subway, Caroline was first to garner the attention of President Tony and added three Happy Dollars to the basket for: lots of sunshine; the June 18th District Changeover; and Rotary Park cleanup. She also told us of her idea of having a snack shack at the Changeover event. (Move detail follows in the form of a motion.) Nicole was next to add to the coffers with a Happy Dollar related to her experience at the Barre Civic Center setting up for a public works event which featured the Snow Plow Rodeo. Tom thanked Green Up Day participants: Tony, Nicole and her daughter, Ted, Joe S. and Caroline. He added another Happy Dollar to the basket. Ted noticed that Interact members did not have safety vests at Green Up Day and proposed that we provide them, a donation of Reynolds & Son. Eddie moved and Tom seconded that the proposal be approved. Caroline stood and proposed an amendment which included her idea of a snack shack. She moved and Tom seconded that a snack shack be authorized to operate on the June 18th District Changeover from 9:30-3:00 with proceeds going to aid for Ukraine. Both amendment and original motion passed. Joe S. gave a couple of Happy Dollars in recognizing that no needles were found during the Green Up Day cleanup. Nicole, with an IOU, gave Happy Dollars (?) for the public works events, her three year old daughter’s participation in Green Up Day while referring to President Tony as the “little boy;” and Abbey Dole, her Assistant Director leaving for Tanzania. Eddie introduced his guest, Dave Rouleau who thanked us for loaning our projector for outdoor movies this summer at the Barre Town Recreation Field. Bertil gave a Happy Dollar in announcing that he has become a landlord by converting Gladly's art studio in the barn into a studio apartment. Bruce reported that Sherwin Williams and crew donated time and paint to the shelter at Rotary Park and all had a good time. Part of the gang of painters was our District Governor Mike Carrier. 
Since Last We Met
Birthdays: Brenda Waterhouse  May 9th
Club Anniversaries: Lindsey Lozier  May 7  2 years
On this day in history: 1858 Minnesota enters the Union.
1947 B. F. Goodrich announces the tubeless tire.
The Treasure Adds to the Coffers
Ted gave a Sad Dollar in lamenting how missed Bob Pope was on Quarry Hill on Green Up Day. He also gave another dollar for mentioning Reynolds & Son in the context of the telling of the Winter Snowplow Contest as an historical anecdote.
A Constitutional Moment 
Caroline’s focus this week was on two perspectives of how justices interpret the Constitution. One adheres to what is called “originalism” which “goes back in time” to an exact  interpretation of what the framers met. The other view is that the Constitution is a “living document” and interpretations evolve as the society changes. We can see these two perspectives as opinions are handed down from the current Supreme Court. Thank you, Caroline, for these welcomed insights.
Keep The Heat Inside
Tom introduced our guest speakers, Amy Gamble and Donald deVail. Don began with an introduction of the project “Window Dressers'' which is intended to provide an economical way to insult homes.  He pointed out that losing heat occurs through windows via air leakage, conduction, radiation and convection currents. Window inserts are less expensive than new windows and more effective than thermal shades and that they are reusable. They reduce fuel consumption and pay for themselves in two heating seasons. The process begins with windows being measured by volunteers and then inserts being built at a Community Build workshop held across the state from September to January. Community is built with volunteer participation and often sharing a meal during a shift change. Grants and donations help to reduce the cost, especially for low income households. Amy Gamble asked for help in introducing the project to Barre, securing volunteers for measuring and building the inserts. There were several suggestions from Rotarians and the presenters felt positive as they move forward toward implementing the project in the fall of this year. For their presentation and effort in gaining support for this project, Barre Rotarians showed their appreciation with a warm round of applause for the two speakers. For more information and to volunteer, click this link:
Until next time, that's all folks,,,,


Club Information
We meet every Wednesday at
12:00 Noon at Post 10 of
The American Legion,
320 North Main Street,
Barre, VT.
Call 802.479.9058 for more information,
or to email President Tony Campos please 
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