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Granite Chips
Breakfast Dollars and Wishes
Breakfast Related Fines and Happy Dollars For the Basket
After helping ourselves to a buffet of wraps, sandwiches, pasta salad, chips and parfaits, sixteen Barre Rotarians and six guests sat down to masticate and engage in stimulating social intercourse. President Liane was first on her feet with a Happy Dollar declaring how proud she was to be a member and President of this Club. She also mentioned the wonderful pictures and story of the Annual Rotary Breakfast that Karl had posted on our website. Karl rose to give credit to Ron for writing the history. Doug gave a Happy Dollar in recognition of his survival of working his first Rotary Breakfast. Karl then was back on his feet and proposed fine of one-and-one-and-a- half on Bertil for parking in a handicapped space (last week he was fined for the same infraction). Bob wondered if being mentally handicapped qualified. Bertil seem to agree with that assessment. Fine passed. Next, a fine was proposed on Tony for providing the wild red and white flowered shirts for three egg station grillers, but not for all of the others staffing the grills. Tony defended by saying that those shirts were only for the elite and since those manning the French toast were slacking and the pancake station had turned political (Governor Scott was flip/flopping on the pancake issue), and so those other grillers did not qualify. Ron offered an amendment of a fine of one-and-nine on everyone who didn’t ask to work on the egg station. It did not pass, but the main motion did.
A Brief Debrief Interlude
A debrief of the breakfast centered on eggs, a command structure and plastic utensils. Because eggs are so popular and meeting the constant demand is a challenge, it was suggested that another cook be added to the egg station or put the eggs at the end of line or perhaps both. It was also suggested that a command structure be put in place with the focus on a centralize position with committee chairs coordinating with that person. Additionally, one person noted that the quality of the plastic eating utensils could be improved. Ron thought it went pretty well. It was reported that we have grossed over $22,000 and should net over $15,000 for the Aldrich Public Library. Tony again expressed his strong position that the Rotary Breakfast is not part of the Heritage Festival and this needs to be emphasized. He is also going to notify businesses about the breakfast early so that they can budget for advertising and sponsorship.
Back to Dollars for the Basket and Big Bucks for the Mural
Doug gave a Happy Dollar for a breakfast that he thought went well and for giving thanks he was able to participate. Bob asked President Liane to pass the gravel and Eddie gladly seized the opportunity. Bob then proposed a fine of one-and-nine on President Liane for giving tickets to a couple of older ladies which encouraged skirting ticket sales. Giving to someone in need was not a strong enough defense and the fine passed. George rose and remarked about the myriad tickets sold by Bob Pope and those assembled recognized his efforts with a rousing round of applause. Ted garnered President Liane’s attention and rose to propose of fine on Bob for what amounted to heckling Tom Semperbon regarding his French toast stacking technique. Bob didn’t like the way he was lining up the French toast and “jumped” behind the grill to show him the correct way-the “Pope way.” “French toast should be lined up in rows and columns,” Bob said forcefully.  He also pointed out that nobody had to wait for French toast as they did for pancakes. Fine passed. Bob then proposed a fine on Caroline for changing the size of the ticket and adding a photo of a pancake on the ticket since the pancakes were nonexistent when the “gate” opened at 7:16 a. m.  Caroline defended by saying that she thought it was a nice piece of marketing. Karl defended by pointing out that the pancakes were ready at the official start of the breakfast (7:30 p.m.). Fine passed.
Caroline announced that we have received a $1000 District Grant for the Summer Street Mural Project. 
Secretary’s Report
Sue asked Barre Rotarians to introduce our guests: Fred Bashara, Montpelier Rotary; Doug Bullett, Bon Air, Virginia Rotary;  David Sanguinetti, a guest of Bob’s; Peter Gagnon, Honorary Rotarian and egg mixologist; Paul Haigh, husband of Caroline; and Xavier Haigh, Caroline’s stepson.
Wishes are Medicine
Caroline introduced our speaker, Jamie Heath, a Make-a-Wish Ambassador. She is a senior at Spaulding where she is an honor roll student and a member of the Student Council and the Student Outreach Committee. She will soon be embarking on book tour to read from her newly published book, Wishes are Medicine! How to Make-A-Wish Gave Me Hope and Helped Me Heal.
Jamie told us that she had her first stroke at the age of seven and a second one after that. Five years ago she had a brain aneurysm, a life-threatening condition.  As part of her recovery, she had to learn to walk, read and how to regain the use of the fingers and her right arm. During this time, she wasn’t terminally ill and discovered that you didn’t need to be to qualify for a wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She asked her mom: “Why don’t I get a wish?” Her mother wrote a letter applying for a wish and a month later she was visited by two “wish givers.” She loves turtles and even had one as a pet (Bob) and so she chose to swim with sea turtles in Hawaii. To make her wish better she wanted her family to be part of her wish. In 2015 she and her family saw that wish come true. During her presentation, she pointed out that you cannot swim too close to the turtles and touching them results in a fine of several thousand dollars.
After returning from Hawaii, Jamie began giving speeches at Make-A-Wish events and has appeared in public service announcements. Subsequently, she was asked if she would like to write a book about her recovery and Make-A-Wish’s role in it. Together with illustrator, Leonard Kenyon, a collaborative effort produced a book which tells an inspirational story of recovery and hope as Jamie learns to walk and read again and how Make-A-Wish played such important role in that recovery.  Jamie previewed the book, with its bright and beautiful illustrations, for us in the form of a PowerPoint presentation along with her enthusiastic narrative. This truly courageous and impressive young person was greeted with a warm and sustained round of applause at the conclusion of her presentation.
Until next time, that's all folks.....
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