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Granite Chips
Life of a Small Town Vet
Bringing in the Bucks (Afterall, it’s deer season!)
As eleven Rotarians and three guests were dining, Karl garnered the attention of President Tony and proposed a fine of one-and-nine on Caroline for appearing in a video promoting training during which she began speaking in French, switched to English and ended with Italian. Caroline asserted that the fine was specious and asked the question: “Are we not interested in being international?” Fine did not pass. President Tony tossed a buck in the basket, rejoicing in meeting a woman at the Athena Awards who moved to Vermont because of the Barre Art Splash. Doug added to the coffers with a Happy Dollar for the two weeks spent in Virginia; a Sad Dollar because Bon Air is meeting live one day a month and the rest via Zoom; and paid a fine which had something to do with Bernice, one of the cat structures from the Barre Art Splash. Bob was next and proposed a fine of one-and-nine on Nicole for catering to her own culinary needs by bringing food “which looks better than what we were eating.” She pointed out, “who wouldn’t prefer homemade spaghetti sauce ?”  Fine passed. President Tony and Robert Hutchins, a member of Kiwanis and Karl’s guest, exchanged  fine proposals and both passed. Nicole gave five dollars: bringing her meal; attending her second session of the Vermont Leadership Institute; two for an upcoming club meeting exchange between her and Patrick Murray, President-Elect of the Rotary Club of Essex; and one for Dr. Stuwe for attending to her goats during a medical emergency a few years ago.
Since Last We Met
Guest Introductions
Karl introduced his guest, Robert Hutchins
Caroline introduce her guest and colleague, Logan Volpe
On this day in history:
1969 Sesame Street debuts.
1775 Birth of the U.S. Marines.
1903 Mary Anderson patents the windshield wiper.

Caroline reported that, although we approved a donation of $1500 for the World Santa Fund, it may not all be needed. Other donations have exceeded expectations. She reminded us that the  event was taking place on Saturday, December 11th at the Granite Museum.  More details will be coming.
  Eddie reported that he worked with a group of Norwich cadets cleaning up some brush and small trees at Wheelock House.
The Slate is Now Complete
Bruce moved and Caroline seconded that Nicole be added to the nomination slate of 2022-23 offices as President-Elect. Motion passed unanimously. 
Creatures Great & Small: Life of a Small Town Vet
Caroline introduced our guest speaker, Dr. Tom Stuwe.
“We are so pleased to welcome newly retired veterinarian Dr. Tom Stuwe to Barre Rotary this week.  Dr. Stuwe, who was encouraged to treat large animals by none other than British author and vet surgeon James Herriot, has just retired from his practice.  Come hear the tales from our own small town vet! 
Dr. Stuwe earned his undergraduate degree at Northwestern Michigan College in 1969, and his degree in Veterinary Medicine from Michigan State College in 1975.  After working three years with Dr. Sam Hutchins in his large animal practice, Dr. Stuwe operated a solo practice of his own for 43 years treating large animals in Central Vermont.  Dr. Stuwe has been married to his wife Ruth for 52 years and they have three daughters, who also live with their spouses and kids in Central Vermont.”
Dr. Stuwe began at the beginning. He was born in a farming community and raised by loving parents who wanted him to succeed. He was not particularly academically inclined and after graduation from high school, he worked for a year on the GM assembly line which motivated him to seek higher education. He graduated as a career pilot from Northwestern Michigan College (NMC). He worked as a pilot for Pepsi in Florida, but was let go due to a familial benign tremor. He and his wife moved back to Michigan in 1970. At the time the economy was depressed and he couldn’t find work. They moved into a small dirty apartment with rats. He shoveled snow to buy soup, the mainstay of their diet. During this time he decided to change careers and attend Michigan State University (MSU). He couldn’t get into MSC and had to attend junior college first. He finally got into MSC College of Veterinary Medicine as the very last one accepted into his class of fifty. While there he met James Harriott, author of Creatures Large and Small, who convinced him to seek opportunities working with large animals instead of small ones. After moving to Barre, he took a job with large animal veterinarian Sam Hutchins who was a wonderful mentor and friend. When he started practicing veterinary medicine, the ratio was 80% bovine and 20% equine; after forty-six years, it was 20% bovine and 80% equine. Many more people are buying horses now, often coming from Europe. Digital X-ray and ultrasound have been major advances in treatment of animals in the profession. One of his greatest satisfactions has been working with students; he had over thirty interns over the years of his practice. In closing he said that he had been blessed with a loving supportive wife, supporting parents and Christian faith. Rotarians thoroughly enjoyed his talk laced with stories and an unique view of the life of a small town vet and showed their appreciation with a warm round of applause. 

Until next time, that's all folks,,,,

Club Information
We meet every Wednesday at
12:00 Noon at Post 10 of
The American Legion,
320 North Main Street,
Barre, VT.
Call 802.479.9058 for more information,
or to email President Tony Campos please 
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