The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
Diversity Equity Inclusion

Gratitude-a Minute-Dollars
After the opening rituals were completed, DG Caroline told us that it was reported  to her family that her father-in-law had died and later they found out that he hadn’t died. She is grateful for that.  He is now in a different facility. 
For a “Rotary Minute,” President Nicole presented a video of the work of the Dhulikhel, Nepal Rotary Club. Its track record of accomplishments is unparalleled. President Nicole was grateful to have gone there. A more lengthy presentation may be forthcoming at a later time.
Eddie stood up to give three Happy Dollars: one for receiving a Paul Harris pin; finding paper which he turned into pads; and the chicken broth in his thermos. Joe came up with several “IOU” dollars: a Sad Dollar that no students from Spaulding will be part of the “Speech Contest;” happy that Nicole is back; another Sad Dollar because a employee of Meals on Wheels left the kitchen with Covid symptoms; and back to happy with him getting a part in a dinner theater play. President Nicole  added to the coffers with three Happy Dollars: one for floatation experience and its after effects; another for her first date since her separation; and one for the warm welcome that she received on her return to Norwich form Nepal.
Tony gave a Happy Dollar in celebration of a video that he produced that is intended to help families who are relocating in Barre. Eddie was back with a Hap-Sad Dollar because Norwich’s hockey team had won two straight and had a better record than Middlebury, but lost in overtime.
Since Last We Met
Birthday: Jim Catone January 13
Club Anniversaries: Karl Alonzo  Rinker  January 14, 1970  53 years
On this day in history: 1943 To save on the costs of labor and equipment, the United States banned the sale of pre-sliced bread during World War II.
1986--Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was first celebrated as a national holiday.
District DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) Initiative Explained
Tom introduced DG Caroline with a modified version of the Tonight Show’s Ed McMahon introduction of Johnny Carson: “Her’ sssssss Caroline!” 
DG Caroline presented the District's DEI initiative this week to Barre Rotary.   She started by encouraging a shared understanding of the term diversity, defined as a "set of characteristics, experiences, and values that cannot be changed which define an individual such as national origin, age, language, race, color, and ethnicity."   After demystifying some other commonly used terminology and sharing the District's DEI Committee's goals for this Rotary year, DG Caroline emphasized that a club with members who have different backgrounds and viewpoints possesses a broader understanding of its community's challenges & a greater opportunity for solutions. A Club can start its DEI journey by (1) discussing DEI with its members and exploring  its value for the Club, (2) drawing from US Census and other reliable data sources to understand the specific composition and diversity of its own community and (3) evaluating whether its club membership reflects the diversity of its community. RI offers valuable resources to guide a club in this endeavor. A more diverse club membership can enhance its impact upon and connection with its community - something we can all agree is worth celebrating!   
The discussion which followed focused on ways to increase diversity of our membership. Providing scholarships for dues and inviting guests to a meeting were suggestions.
The final action to end the meeting was Bob rising to propose a fine of one-and-nine on Tom for taking his shoes off and exposing us to stinky feet. Without a strong defense, the fine passed. 
Until next time, that's all folks....
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Jan 25, 2023 6:00 PM
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Rotary Speech Contest (10:45-12:15 at SHS)
Feb 08, 2023
Five Avenues of Service
Feb 15, 2023
Vermont Works for Women
Feb 22, 2023
Club Assembly
Mar 01, 2023
Classification talk
Mar 15, 2023
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