The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
The Changeover

A New Era Begins…
With a Pledge of Allegiance opening the Barre Rotary Club Changeover 2022, a crowd of dozens of Rotarians, friends and family gathered at Pearl Street Pizza in Barre to usher in a new era for Rotary.  On July 1st, Rotary International will be led for the first time in its 117-year history by a female President.  In keeping with this new era, Rotary District 7850 will welcome its own Barre Rotarian Caroline Earle as the District Governor, GenRotary member Abigail Joyal as the new area Assistant District Governor and Barre Rotary President Nicole DiDomenico as Club President.  These women will proudly serve as Women in Rotary in 22-23. 
Arthur Zorn led a rousing rendition of God Bless America, and member Joe Preddy’s convocation reflected our hope for a Rotary Year of peace and growth.  
Words to Live By…
DG Mike Carrier honored Barre Rotary with his presence for his last official visit of his District Governor year.  DG Mike thanked the Barre Rotary Club for pulling the District Changeover together.  He made it clear that without Barre Rotary’s People of Action, the Changeover could not have occurred.  We were delighted to assist, DG Mike!
As one of his last ceremonial acts, DG Mike presented the DG banner from his home club to incoming President Nicole DiDomenico.  Barre Rotary will fly the DG Banner proudly as incoming DG Caroline embarks on her leadership year.  
Our cup overflowed…
President Tony invited all Rotarians to lend a happy dollar for the occasion.  Member Eddie Rousse offered a happy dollar in celebration of President Tony who, while he had to be goaded into becoming Club President, swiftly became “Presidential.”  
Nicole was one dollar happy in recognition of outgoing President Tony.
And the happiness ricocheted around the room, until the cup overflowed with dollars.  
Let them eat cake…
Tony unveiled a gorgeous Rotary cake, made by one of his relatives and in honor of incoming DG Caroline.  (In acceptance of this honor, DG Caroline served herself a large slice after dinner.)
But even before the cake, came a fantastic buffet featuring wings, salad, chicken, a variety of wood fire stove pizzas and other vittles.  The crowd was delighted to sample it all.   
The Main Event…
President Tony started the formal changeover ceremony by thanking his bride Cindy for her support and thanking his daughter Alayna and her fiancé Colby Martel for attending his celebration.  
Tony presented incoming President Nicole a Viking hat, in recognition of her love of his signature presidential chapeau.  When we asked ourselves in wonder, did the quiet dignity of leadership depart?  
Tony reflected on his love of The Rotary Foundation and our club’s contributions toward ending Polio, saving women & children, addressing environmental concerns and the list goes on. 
President Tony was delighted to present a Paul Harris award to longstanding Barre Rotary member Bertil Agell for his service and devotion to the club.  
With his trademark emotion, Tony next presented Diane Rossi, former Barre Rotarian Bill Rossi’s bride, with an honorary membership to our club.  Diane’s faithful efforts to facilitate Bill’s attendance to our club meetings as his physical abilities began to fail, kept this cherished member as part of our club for more years than would have otherwise been possible.  We were a better club because of Bill’s presence and Diane’s persistence.   
Tony next presented a variety of gifts to honor certain Rotarians and their contributions this past year, including Bruce for his memorable weekly Since Last We Met…. Rotarian John Steinman for assisting so ably with technology, to Rotarian Ted for his true and modest service, to incoming President Nicole for the Wayside sessions, to Rotarian Eddie for his encouragement and Rotarian Tom for the “Don Rickles” moment at the last changeover.    

Special kudos to…
President Tony honored Karl Rinker as the Rotarian of the Year for his vision, gumption, and stubborn pursuit of the Barre Art Splash.  There was no guarantee of success for this new fundraiser except that Karl willed it to happen, sweeping up many other Rotarians and community members with his enthusiasm and disciplined planning.  
Welcome President Nicole…
As his last Presidential act, Tony celebrated incoming President Nicole and awarded her the Presidential Pin for her intelligence, focus and drive to bring the Barre Rotary Club to the next level.  
Tony rang out his presidency for the last time with the audience on his feet delivering a standing ovation for his fine service to our club, our community and our world.  
President Nicole expressed her thanks for Past President Tony’s service with a gavel plaque and Rotary branded playing cards so that he can have fun Rotary style with all of his new free time. 
President Nicole, clutching the Rotary Magazine with PE Jennifer Jones on the cover, demanded a picture with incoming DG Caroline and AG Abby Joyal to commemorate the new era of Rotary.  
Nicole thanked all assembled for their trust in her and for continuing to serve day in and day out.  She will serve proudly as our President for 22-23.   The bell was rung and a new era for Barre Rotary and for Rotary International began.
And to all a good night …
And dusk fell on a beautiful Rotary gathering, full of fun, collegiality and many moments honoring the spirit of  Rotary.
Thanks to Shannon Alexander and Karl Rinker for great photos.
Until next time, that's all folks,,,,


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