The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
Bill Rossi
Long time club member Bill Rossi, with his new Rotary socks that the club sent to him. His wife say's he loves socks!
SHS Food Shelf
Club members placed totes at the Barre City poles for food to be collected for the SHS food shelf.
Pictured from left to right SHS Junior, and office aid, Kyree Hutchinson and SHS Assistant Principle, Luke Aither in the food shelf room with the totes full of food from the city voting place.
Now they have to sort the food and place it on the shelves.
Club members, Caroline Earle headed up this project with help from Ted Goulette and Karl A. Rinker.
The Barre Rotary Club held it's 2020 speech contest at The Lunch Box Cafeteria at Spaulding High School February 12, 2020. The Lunch Box is a room where SHS students serve food they have prepared at the training center. The Spaulding Interact Club was also present.
Pictured above are the three speech contestants, Charlotte Young, Camden Kelly and Jacob Huckins with Club President, Eddie Rousse.
Pictured above are the Rotarians that attended the meeting for the contest and the Interact Club.
Granite Chips
Dr. John Steinman was the acting president for President Rouse.
Several happy dollars - fines and sad dollars were given by club members.
Club Secretary Bruce gave his weekly report - no anniversaries or  birthdays but he did provide the club ith "this day in history".
Tony will be fined next week, 1 and 9 for not being at the meeting on his 6th year anniversary. Karl tried to defend him as he was bringing his wife to the doctor in Burlington. Nicole D. abstained and Bob Pope offered to pay Tony's fine because he wasn't at the meeting. 
Nicole mentioned that she is heading to Arizona and then will be attending PETS.
Our speaker today was David Fleming from The Ethan Allen Institute. He reviewed his power point presentation "Towns in Trouble".
He mentioned that he was filling in for Marc Joffe, the project supervisor.
Farewell to John
A Potpourri  of Activity
With rituals completed, fifteen Rotarians and three guests sat down to chicken, broccoli, rice, salad and cookies. Caroline was first up with two Happy Dollars: happy to have John Pandolfo here and for the food collection effort during voting on Town Meeting Day. John P. was next with a Happy Dollar for his experience in Rotary and a Sad Dollar that he will no longer be the grill cleaner at the Barre Rotary Breakfast. Tony gave a Happy Dollar and kudos to John for his service to the Barre City Schools. He also introduced Lindsay Lozier, representing Community National Bank’s corporate membership. I gave a Happy Dollar for being back after two months in the Bahamas and told of finding a blue hole with surrounding rails sponsored by the Eleuthera Rotary Club. Tony then proposed a fine of one-and-nine on me for not attending a Rotary meeting while I was in the Bahamas. Fine passed without a defense. Elizabeth passed around cards for us to sign for Billy Rossi (Diane sent this message to Elizabeth: We just opened the card with the socks. What a surprise!   I didn’t know such a thing existed! We need to get them labeled and will then send a picture....   Thanks! Diane )  and George Milne (Undergoing eye surgery on Tuesday.) President Eddie introduced Sandy Craige and John McCardle of the Central Vermont Pioneers Inc., an adaptive sled hockey team. They are selling raffle tickets for guessing the date and time when a shanty will go through the ice on a small pond on Barre Street. Several Rotarians took their chances and bought tickets.
Since Last We Met
President Eddie called on Bruce to give a Secretary’s Report. 
Birthdays: George Milne---March 2
                  Eddie Rousse---March  2
Club Anniversaries: Jim Catone 10 years  March 3
Lest We Forget: From The Bulletin March 5, 1926
Ladies Night March 10th at 5:45 pm
Two barges “Rotary Ann” and “Mellie Dunham” drawn by two tractors named “Quinn” and “Brother Dan” will leave the Jones & Hall’s stables at 5:45 pm for the Big Feed and Ye Olde Fashioned Dance. Those from the suburbs just park your Henry on Main Street and join the party at city square. 
On This Day In History
1789: Government under the U.S. Constitution begins.

1861: Abraham Lincoln is inaugurated. 

Superintendent of the Year

Paul Malone, Chair of the Barre Unified School District School Board, introduced John Pandolfo who is leaving to take a position as a superintendent in Colorado.  The focus of John’s presentation was the Superintendent of the Year Award, both state and national. He spoke of his experience in San Diego where the winner of the national award was announced at a conference. State winners are automatically entered in the national award contest. On stage he sat next to one superintendent whose district included 60,000 students. He said he met great people with a variety of knowledge and experience. He also provided some history of the Vermont Superintendent of the Year Award. Following are a few of the slides he presented.

The AASA National Superintendent of the Year® program, sponsored by First Student, AIG Retirement Services and AASA, The School Superintendents Association, pays tribute to the talent and vision of the men and women who lead the nation’s public schools.The recipient of the award becomes Vermont’s nominee for AASA’s annual Superintendent of the Year nomination.  In addition to the recognition of his/her peers, the Frederick H. Tuttle Service Award recipient receives a stipend equal to AASA National Conference registration cost and airfare to the conference city.  The recipient will also have his/her name mounted on a plaque at the VSA office.

Frederick H. Tuttle began his education career in 1959, when, as a recent graduate of Middlebury College, he taught language arts at Lyman C. Hunt Junior High School.  After four years as a teacher, he became the school’s assistant principal and later served the same role at Burlington High School. In 1970, Mr. Tuttle became the Assistant Superintendent for the South Burlington School District.  He was appointed Superintendent one year later, a position he held for more than 20 years. Mr. Tuttle died after a heroic battle with cancer on June 7, 1992. The City of South Burlington renamed its middle school the Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School in his honor.

The NSOY® is selected from those who win their state awards for Superintendent of the Year and announced at the National Conference on Education, which takes place in February.John provided a colorful commentary of the national event and his positive, but challenging experience here in Barre as Superintendent. He will be remembered and missed as a valued member of the community and as a fellow Rotarian. With a warm round of applause, we wished him well in his future endeavors.

Until next time...that's all folks!

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Mar 18, 2020
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