The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
District Governor Initiatives
Art Takes to the Ivories and Eddie Reports on Breakfast
After rituals and rousing renditions of My Country Tis' of Thee and This Land is Your Land under the baton of maestro Zorn , Eddie was called on for a report on the Annual Barre Rotary Club Breakfast. Quality Market and the Elks Club continue to help coordinate the preparation and planning for the upcoming event on July 30th. There will be bins for compost, recycling and trash provided by Casella this year. We will have a dishwasher available for a day and better quality tables will be provided. Set up is set for Friday, July 29th.
President Nicole announced that next week is Club Assembly which will begin at noon and last until 1:30 p.m. A Board of Directors meeting will begin at 10:30 a.m.
Ted announced that four Rotaians and their spouses attended the Kiwanis Barbecue although Eddie was very late. Eddie thought a fine was in order and went to explain that he had completely forgotten about the event. Arthur called him and wondered where he was and he showed up to enjoy the good food. Eddie tossed a dollar into the basket.
Nathaniel Rice, guest of DG Caroline, announced that he is engaged in a research project exploring what Vermont was like 12,500 years ago. We look forward to a report on the results. 
Invitations for the Annual Barre Rotary Club Potluck Steak Cookout have been sent out to all members and bulletin subscribers. Those who are not beef eaters can bring a protein of their choice and a dish to share for the potluck. There is no charge to them.  Reminder that RSVP is due by Friday, July 29th. 
Since Last We Met
No birthdays or anniversaries.
On this day in history: 1963 Jan & Dean’s Surf City hit No.1 on the charts.
1969 Neil Armstrong walks on the moon.
1977 Second Great Flood hit Johnstown, PA.
Guests: Nathaniel Rice; Xavier Haigh; Paul Haigh; Carole Hass; Gary Hass; Sarah White; and Bea Bullett.
Happy and Sad Dollars
Doug started things off with five Happy Dollars for his granddaughter, Bea, being here in Vermont with him and his wife. Bea gave a Happy Dollar for being with her grandparents and in Vermont with liveable weather. Tony added two more to the coffers for being here and for Bea being here. Nicole matched Doug’s happiness with five more Happy Dollars for Nathaniel’s research project, Bea being here and all the other Rotarians being here. Joe gave a Sad Dollar because he can’t stay and missed most of George’s reclassification talk last week. He then threw another five dollars in the basket for the Quarry Project and announced that the Celebration of Life of his uncle Dick Shadroui will take place on August 13, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at the Barre Opera House.
DG Caroline Earle Outlines Three Initiatives
Tom introduced DG Caroline Earle.
Would you like to join us at Barre Rotary for lunch?  
  • Karl Rinker invite – something like that
  • Was Board member of the Aldrich Public Library
  • Knew virtually nothing about Rotary
  • Smitten
  • To this day, I can’t tell you exactly why.  
  • Welcoming & warm
  • Professional women & men
  • Common theme of kindness 
  • Level of ease & camaraderie – something that I would like to have
  • Nurtured my interest in leading – George, Karl, Tom, Ted, and others immediately seemed to have confidence in me 
  • Mural project
  • Pride with which they watched me take on more and more leadership in the District
  • The members of this rotary Club come in all shapes and sizes but there is one thing that they all have in common.  They do want to make our community & the world better and they take action to make it happen.
  • So I guess that is why I was smitten & why 7.5 years after joining Rotary, I am your District Governor.   
We are all shaped by our Rotary experiences, whether our service contributions have taken us near or far, based on literacy, clean water, education, child maternal health or another one of our seven areas of focus.
I have absorbed a few key lessons from my seven years in Rotary, as a member of the Barre Rotary Club, and those experiences shape my message to you today.
My assignment, by the way, from RI when I visit your Club as a District Governor is to inspire you as a Club to expand your impact
You can decide at the end of this presentation if I have fulfilled that assignment.  
As a DG, I am committed to three initiatives for my DG year.  I will grade my performance as a DG and our success in this 22-23 Rotary year, based on the progress we make in these three areas.
  1. Infrastructure
  • Least curbside appeal but critical to our District & to each of your Clubs
  • By infrastructure, I mean the formal structures of the District & of your Clubs, the committees, the level of participation in those committees, having clear mandates for those committees, creating resources through those committees for your clubs & for our District, incorporating succession planning into those structures 
  • Why?
  • Because in my seven years as a member of the Barre Rotary Club, I have seen two club Presidents serve and then leave the Club, exhausted and depleted by their presidential service.  Because as a DG, I have one club in this District whose President is serving a third term because no one else is inspired in that club to lead.
  • In this District, in your clubs, we cannot rely on a few committed souls to lead our districts or our clubs.  We must have a deeper bench.  We must have greater resources.  We must ensure that service is joy, not a drain.
  • We must create pathways to success for our clubs & our district, rather than building bridges to nowhere.
  • We must ensure that working people can find a place for Rotary in their lives
  • The way to do this is to ensure that infrastructures exist so that everyone knows that they are just one set of hands in the enduring human chain of Rotary.
How do we do this?
  • As a District, tap into resources that we have not accessed before.
  • We have 1200 members in our District, only a small portion of whom are part of District committees.
  • Through the participation survey that I sent out this spring, we have identified individuals who are excited about contributing to the District for the first time in new ways.  Those committees, including a new Diversity Equity & Inclusion committee, are being shaped now and are beginning their missions. 
  • As for your Club & other District Clubs, I offer  you the following:
    • The initiatives that I am announcing today and which our District will pursue this year are explicitly designed to help you in every way.  I am asking you to keep an eye on our newsletters, on our email communications, on our FB page & to take advantage of those resources.  
    • Because emails/newsletters/posts don’t always get read, I am handing your President today (and will email it later) a copy of the RI Rotary Club Health Check.   This is an extraordinary document for checking in with your members & a succinct presentation of extraordinary resources/ideas that address any pressure points in a club.  
  1. Expanding our impact by increasing our membership
Imagine the impact of our 40 District clubs in our communities, our countries & the world if we added FIVE new Rotarians in each club in 22-23.  I am announcing this challenge today.  
About a year and a half ago, a young woman who works for the Vermont Department of Children & Family Services, Foster Kid Program spoke to us about her passion – helping kids & moms.  In the context of her speech, she mentioned that kids who are removed from homes in an emergency situation often leave with minimal clothes.  She asked for our help.  We created the Rotary clothes closet in our City of Barre.  We found space that the City was willing to lease us for $1 a year, we found a carpenter who was willing to build shelving, one of our Rotarians working at Sherman Williams got us paint and Rotarians and college students from Norwich University painted the space.   The Rotary Clothes Closet now benefits foster kids around Central Vermont with good clothing, shoes, and other essential items on a daily basis.  This young woman later joined our club and this year will be participating in a few District committees.  
The perspective and diversity that this one person adds to our club is immeasurable.  Imagine if we multiplied her by five in each club.  
  • Once again, I am not expecting your club to rise to this challenge on faith alone.
  • I refer you to the health check previously provided.
  • I am also handing your Club President another document, which I will email to her later.   RI New membership engagement campaign by RI.  This is a thoughtful & new initiative for new Rotary members to understand Rotary’s largest context.  It is also a great way to capture some compelling new member materials to post on your website, FB or use in targeted membership efforts.
  • Finally, Eric Denu, the Chair of our District Membership committee
    • Large committee
    • Concrete action to grow membership, including with a focus on creating two new clubs in our district.  How about if one of
Until next time, that's all folks....
Club Information
We meet every Wednesday
at 12:00 at the
Aldrich Public Library
6 Washington Street
Barre, VT.
District Site
Call 802.476.07550 for more information
or email President Nicole DiDomenico 
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