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What Did You Say?


What Did You Say?

On May 13, 2020 fifteen Barre Rotarians met via Zoom with two guests (our speaker and her husband) joining us from Minneapolis, MN.


The Rousse Report (submitted via email on May 15, 2020)

  • We have rescinded our request for a District Grant in lieu of receiving $1,900 from Louisa Tripp as unused grant money to be put towards masks to donate to the public.  This generous donation to our club, in addition to the $629 already given, has allowed us to purchase 525 masks!  125 of those have already been purchased and distributed.  We recently purchased 200 from local business owner, Mark Baker of Vermont Flannel, with his profits being donated to the Vermont Food Bank.  Another 200 are on the way from a previous order through Reynolds & Sons, Inc. (thanks Ted!) directly from the factory.  As a way to distribute these masks to the public, we are making arrangements to do a public distribution while practicing proper "social distancing" to the public and accept donations.  The Spaulding High School parking lot may be an option.  Stay tuned for further details.
  • Green up day is fast approaching and the City of Barre (or is it just Barre Town?) will provide Green Up bags, gloves, and informational handouts for picking up litter. Call 479-9331.  In the City, filled bags can be brought behind City Hall to the dumpsters there.  Bob Pop and Tom Babic will be spearheading efforts from Barre Rotary.
  • The Rotary 500 sub-committee of Lindsay Lozier, Bruce Fischer, Nicole DiDomenico, and Tony Campos are working on a community fundraiser that will involve the Barre Partnership and Barre Area Development to promote businesses in the area, with proceeds to the Aldrich Public Library and our Club.  You will hear more details in the weeks to come.
  • Lauren Polk has shared an idea that can bring people together and yet conform to "social distancing".  Remember the old drive-in movie lots?  Why can't we have one in Barre by projecting a family-themed movie in an open parking lot and allow people to sit privately in their cars, provide concession, and enjoy the star-lit night sometime in July/August.  Lauren Polk heads this committee.
  • Digital locks have been installed at the Wheelock House to allow Alona Tate and the associated agencies to stock the shelves at their convenience.  If they request additional help from a few Rotary volunteers, I told her we might be able to assist.  It will be nice to hear how this community service project works out, but the room has successfully been transformed into useful storage.
  • We had our first Zoom guest speaker this past Wednesday when Monique Hammond joined us from Minneapolis, MN.  Monique provided insightful information about hearing loss and the effects it can have on adults, children, and into old age.  Hearing is  such an important sense we have and sometimes take it for granted.  Thank you Monique    for taking your time to educate us. (Below are more details of her presentation.)
  • This coming Wednesday we'll have another guest speaker, Lia Rubel, who will be talking about Telehealth Access for Seniors.  Lia was a past recipient of our Speech Contest and how impressive to have her "give back" to Rotary so soon.  We're looking forward to having her Zoom with us. 

Since Last We Met

Club Anniversaries: Lindsay Lozier  Start Date: May 7, 2020

 Lest We Forget: From the Bulletin of May 11, 1925 The editor at the pearly gate, his face looked worn an old; He meekly asked the man of fate for admission to the fold.

“What have you done “? Asked Peter, “To seek admission here”?

“ Oh I used to write a Rotary Bulletin on earth  for many a year”.

The gate swung open sharply as Peter rang the bell, “come in my lad and take your harp, you’ve had enough of hell”!

On this day in history: 1640 Jamestown settlers arrive.

1973 Bobby Riggs and Margaret Court face off in the first battle of the sexes.



Keep People of All Ages Hearing Better, Longer...So the Day Never Comes When the Music Dies

Monique Hammond's presentation was based on her recent book What Did You Say? An Unexpected Journey into the World of Hearing Loss. She lost her hearing after attending a church fundraiser where a loud band was playing. She had to quit her job as a hospital pharmacist since hearing accurately is essential. She spent five years researching acquired hearing loss resulting in the publication of her book. She spoke of education, prevention and empowerment. Here some highlights:

  • Affects all ages; a silent invisible injury/disability.

  • Quality of life issues: socially, emotionally, professional and financially leading to feelings of always being behind, isolation and anxiety. 

  • Related to dementia, high blood pressure, heart disease and myriad other medical conditions.

  • Noise induced hearing loss is permanent, cumulative and preventable.

  • There is no getting used to loud sound.

  • Devices are on the market that measure sound loudness, such as the Smartphone sound meter app.

  • Follow the MP3 60/60 Rule (no higher than 60 decibels and no longer than 60 minutes).

  • Good ear plugs, correctly fitted, reduce loud sounds by 20 decibels.

  • Distance yourself from conversations where you have to scream to be heard.

  • Ask exercise trainers to lower the decibels.

  • 85 decibels is in the danger zone for leading to potential hearing loss.

Monique spoke with passion and intensity and provided us with a solid view of acquired hearing loss.

Until next time, that’s all folks…...
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We no longer meet at The Legion, 320 North Main Street, Barre, VT, 802.479.9058. Until further notice we only meet online. For more information please click here to contact President Rousse.
May 27, 2020
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