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Rotarians Respond to the Coronavirus


Updates From Barre Rotarians                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Sixteen Rotarians, including  District Governor Elect Jamie Milne,  joined the virtual meeting. President Eddie announced that grants to help fight the Coronavirus pandemic are available from Rotary International. If we could secure a grant, then we could buy face masks from a company in Canada that Ted has been in touch with.  Caroline suggested public distribution to individuals and Nicole recommended doing a needs assessment. Caroline reported that she and Ted are working with the State of Vermont on needs relative to setting up a field hospital. Caroline, our designated “organizer,” received a Barre mutual aid orientation. Those volunteering will need to register, providing their name and contact information, what services/resources they will provide and sign an agreement. The information will not be seen by other volunteers or those expressing a need. The organizers will match needs with services and resources.

John summarized Governor Scott’s latest orders: 1) Anyone entering the State will be asked to self-quarantine for fourteen days; 2) All motels, hotels and bed & breakfast establishments are to be closed, but open for essential workers; and 3) Retailers must stop selling everything that is not essential. 

Tony has been very busy working with municipalities and school boards to capture their Zoom meetings and put them up on public access and Facebook and YouTube channels.  For students with access to the Internet, he is putting courses on DVD to be included in learning packets prepared by teachers.

Loren has been communicating with the Vermont Department of Libraries and with libraries around the State and sharing what is being done at the Aldrich regarding Storytime and reading online. The discussion has centered on the length of time published works can be used; they can’t stay “up” forever. There is a question of whether reading the books is even technically allowed. She referred to “fair use” of published materials and “education versus entertainment” as guiding the current practice. She is planning on  having “Rotary Reads” on Thursdays. 

Brenda reported that Spaulding High School students are engaged in remote learning and that the curriculum is being looked at in terms of meeting standards that need to be addressed. She said that “maintenance” learning is occurring now, but new learning will begin next week. She said that the staff and faculty are providing much needed social and emotional support in addition to learning opportunities. She and the staff are working on ways to involve students in low risk community service activities, such as cleaning up trash, shoveling snow, making athletic skills videos and mentoring elementary school students. Graduation is still being planned for June, but it is recognized that may need to be changed. She reported that food distribution continues following federal guidelines. They distribute 600 meals per day and expect that number to rise.

Bruce raised the question of employees returning to their original employer. How can the small business owner be helped to ensure the return of former employees? President Eddie asked Bob to weigh in on the question. He reported that the recently passed unemployment package will offer, for sixteen weeks, double the amount that some workers were making at their regular jobs. This could be an incentive for not returning to work. 

Since Last We Met

No birthdays and anniversaries

Lest We Forget: From The Bulletin April 3, 1926:

The higher up a person goes, the more necessary it becomes that they shall co-operate with others. Anyone’s success depends largely upon the efforts of others, and anyone who is not willing to share their success with those others very seldom has much success to share.

On this day in history: 1958 Sugar Ray Robinson defeats Carmen Basilio for the middleweight title.


The President’s Corner

President Eddie reported that he has received a refund for the District Conference ad and has banked it.

No decision is likely on the breakfast before the end of April. Tony suggested that in lieu of placemats ads we would ask sponsors to unwrite the costs associated with the breakfast. If donations are made, we would recognize the donor in some way if the breakfast is not held. This is being done with the cancelled Aldrich Spring Fling event.

President Eddie read a letter from Bertil suggesting that at the beginning of each meeting each person be introduced and be offered the opportunity to say a few words.                                                     

The idea of affixing the Rotary emblem on vans and trucks used on projects in which we are involved was discussed. Right after Nicole said she likes to link service and P.R., President Eddie immediately donned his Rotary hat.

With that...that’s all folks! (Until next time)

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