The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
What is the word of the day? Unusual or Course
A Most Unusual Day and Update Your Calendars
After completing the unusual rituals (no bell, no gavel, no flag), eighteen Rotarians sat down in an unusual room at Downstreet on Keith Avenue downtown to an unusual bill of fare. Nice change. In an unusual start to the meeting, we talked about approaching Central Vermont Rotary about joining forces. After a brief discussion, Tony moved and Liane seconded that President Caroline move forward with the initiative. Motion passed.
Mark your calendars: District Governor Eric Denu will be speaking on Rotary International Presidential Citations at next week’s meeting.
Unmark your calendars: There will be no meeting on Wednesday, December 27th.
Secretary’s Report
Sue announced that there were no birthdays in December although she was reminded that there is a significant one occurring on the 25th, but he wasn’t a Rotarian, that we know of.  Sara Costa’s two year anniversary as a member of the Rotary Club of Barre was recognized.
Treasurer’s Report
Elizabeth reported that we made $2666.32 on The Annual Rotary Ball.
She, Joe and Karl distributed atlases and dictionaries to third and fifth grades at Barre Town School this morning at 8:30 am. Those wishing to join them, the same will occur next Wednesday, December 13th at the same time at Barre City Elementary and Middle School.
King of Protocol and Serving up the Courses
Karl rose and gained President Caroline’s attention and proceeded to propose a fine of one-and nine on Eddie Rousse for leaving his seat to get some apple crisp and coming back without any. Tony came to his defense by advancing the argument that Eddie’s desire to be part of the action was so strong that he forgot about his apple crisp and came back without it. Tom added confusion, of course, by proposing a fine on Tony for defending Eddie. [Confidential considerations prohibit me from disclosing the full content of the ensuing debate (debacle?), but I can tell you that it centered on Karl and Tom attempting to vie for the title of “King of Protocol.”] Original fine passed. Not sure about the amendment. Tony rose, of course, recognized, of course, to give a Happy Dollar, not of course because it usually is a fine, for a great meal. President Caroline gave a Happy Dollar, not as a matter of course and not unusual, but from the heart in thanking Sara for arranging this field trip and in celebration that she is eating! [Was she eating all of the courses?]
Advocacy, Connectedness and Partnership Development
Caroline introduced our speaker Eileen Pelletier, Executive Director and she in turn introduced Downstreet’s Communication Manager, Cara Hansen. Eileen began with Downstreet’s beliefs and value statements: Everyone deserves a home; There is power in community; Quality and courage; Vermont’s small communities and rural character; Human dignity; A healthy planet; A great workplace. Their mission is: Downstreet strengthens the communities of Central Vermont by engaging with people, providing affordable homes and connecting people to the resources and services they need to thrive. Based on their values, the staff developed four goals as part of their strategic plan: 1) Provide places & access to resources that address community need, build connectedness & promote well-being; 2) Provide knowledge and resources to encourage financial health and sustain and maintain people in their homes; 3) Ensure the sustainability and quality of Downstreet’s services and assets; 4) Provide a full range of housing options in our service area. Ellen then discussed various paths and actions required to achieve each of the strategic goals. Among them are: continue to develop affordable housing for households within 30%-80% area median income; provide access to a full range of housing options; create more affordable homeownership opportunities through expansion of down payment assistance; provide places and access to resources that address community need, build connectedness and promote well-being; provide knowledge and resources to encourage financial health and sustain and maintain people in their homes; ensure the sustainability and quality of Downstreet’s service and assets. Eileen’s presentation was laced with moving and inspiring stories and anecdotes which illustrated the nature of their work. There were several themes which emerged during her talk including advocacy, connectedness, and partnership development. Rotarians showed their appreciation of Eileen’s presentation and of the good work Downstreet does for the greater Barre community with a warm round of applause.
Although We Didn’t Rap, We Did Wrap
On Saturday, December 9th, Barre and Central Vermont Rotarians, Central Vermont Young Professionals, and The World joined forces to wrap coats to be distributed by the Salvation Army to those in need. Now that’s a partnership! As one surveyed the scene, set in the studio of the Barre Granite Museum, one is surrounded by sculpture and nine decorated Christmas trees, tables of food and drink, wrapping stations, boxes of coats and hats, children coloring ornaments and decorating cookies and fifty or so people. The wrapping started a little after 10 and ended a little before 11 and set a new record for shortest wrap time in the several-year history of the event. Now it was time to party and relax with a potluck provided by the Barre Rotarians and pizza provided by Central Vermont Rotary/The World. After the pizza was delivered, a bucket brigade was formed to move the 105 wrapped boxes from the studio to a waiting van headed for the Salvation Army. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event and we are looking forward to hosting it next year. What a great community effort!
'till next time, that's all folks....
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