The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
Fundraiser Idea Debated
Discussion Before Dollars
Sixteen Rotarians sat down to today’s lunch which featured corned beef, potatoes, carrots, onions, salad and cookies. Rather than the meeting starting with fines and Happy Dollars, it started with a discussion of planning for future meetings and activities of Barre Rotary in light of the Coronavirus situation. John provided some helpful information regarding avoiding exposure and common sense hygiene practices.  It was agreed that we needed to monitor the situation and to develop a plan depending on circumstances. Loren gave five Happy Dollars in a “commercial message” reminding us of the CRAP (Currency, Relevancy, Authority and Purpose) test when seeking information. For more information regarding symptoms and good hygiene practices, click on this link:
Lindsay gave her first Happy Dollar in celebrating her first closing at Community National Bank. Nicole followed her with a Happy Dollar for attending PETS and learning some new ways of greeting people other than handshakes. Tony suggested bowing. 
Since Last We Met
Birthdays: Bertil Agell----March 11
Club Anniversaries: Elizabeth La Perle---23 years---March 5
                                Liane Martinelli------5 years----March 11
Lest We Forget: From The Bulletin March 9, 1925
The following is taken from the Barre Daily Times of March 5th:
“At the regular weekly meeting and luncheon of the Barre Rotary Club yesterday noon at the K. of P. Hall, the members were privileged to hear President’s Coolidge’s Inauguration Address over the radio.”
On This Day in History: 1918 First cases of the Spanish Flu Pandemic are reported. 
                                         1888 The great blizzard of 1888 hits the East coast.
Earle’s Pearls  
President Eddie asked Caroline to report on District 7850 activities. The Conference Committee is still planning to hold the District Conference on May 1-3, 2020 while continuing to monitor the Coronavirus situation. If circumstances and medical advice warrant, the conference will be cancelled. Caroline announced that there is an early bird incentive for District Conference registration. Those who have registered and have paid in full by March 17th will be entered into a drawing for two free conference registrations. She also announced the Foundation District Grant Certification Training will take place on March 28th.
Billy Shows Off His Socks
Elizabeth showed us a picture of Billy Rossi wearing his Rotary socks that she had sent to him.
Cats--Dogs--Maybe Race Cars
President Eddie introduced Karl who made a presentation on a fundraiser idea. The idea came from Catskill, New York where each summer (since 2007) artists paint fiberglass cats which are sponsored by business owners to cover the costs of purchasing and painting them, and they  then are displayed throughout the village. They attract tourists and curiosity seekers which adds to the economy of the town and village. The initial cost of an unpainted cat is around $400.00. Dogs would be about the same. Race cars would cost more because a mold would have to be made. Sponsorship by local businesses in Barre would be $450.00. At the end of the summer an auction is held which raises a substantial amount of money ($100,000 plus last year). The artist receives twenty-five percent of the bid. Karl has secured the services of the Paletteers of Vermont to paint the cats/dogs. He presented us with slides showing a potential mounting for the sculptures made of steel and granite. He also showed two videos of the cats on display and one of the auction. 
After taking a few questions, Karl made a motion to “move forward” with the  project. Caroline seconded the motion. A spirited discussion followed with these major points being made: 1) concern over taking away advertising dollars from the Rotary Breakfast; 2) the high price tag for sponsorship of the sculpture; 3) a potential loss of funds for Aldrich and; 4) the uncertainty of the Coronavirus situation. A motion was made by John to table the motion and seconded by Tony to be considered by the Board of Directors before being presented for a vote to the membership in attendance at a future meeting failed. Caroline moved a friendly amendment and then clarified it later: Karl will chair a committee to explore the viability of the project including price comparisons for the purchases of the cats/dogs, the cost of sponsorship and report back to the membership of the club in attendance at a future meeting for consideration to launch the project as a new fundraiser for the Barre Rotary Club. A vote was taken on the main motion with the amendment and it passed 14 to 2. 
Until next time...that’s all folks!
Club Information
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Wednesdays, 12:00 PM
The American Legion
320 North Main Street
Barre, VT  05641 USA
Mar 25, 2020
Apr 29, 2020
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