The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
Committees Go To Work
A Fraud Ring Warning, Good Works in Honduras and Trips to a Tropical ER
With rituals completed, fifteen Rotarians helped themselves to a buffet of penne with a red meat sauce, salad and cake. John was first on his feet with a Happy Dollar in celebration of being named to the Vermont Board of Dental Examiners.
Kristin was next up to announce a fraud ring operating in Vermont. The homeless are recruited, taken to Walmart, outfitted with clothes and sent into banks to cash checks, usually under $1,000. The checks are printed on sophisticated equipment from originals fished out of mailboxes. So far the fraud ring has targeted businesses and has been operating in Chittenden County. She recommends renting a post office box.
Bertil offered a Happy Dollar as he reported another successful trip to Honduras. This time he built dining room chairs. He also gave a Sad Dollar in noting that a two week vacation in the British Virgin Islands was marred by illness with two trips to the ER and a loss of fifteen pounds.
Dick suggested a round of applause for Bertil’s years of dedication to this project.
Tom announced that his brother-in-law and wife are looking for housing in Barre, Montpelier or Berlin and the need is immediate. If anyone knows of a rental property, please call Tom at 883-5573 or 229-8576.
Secretary’s Report
Bruce announced spouses’ birthdays: Charlene Rinker and Mary Anne Parnigoni.
Join Date Anniversaries: Brenda---3 years and Bruce---35 years.
Announcements, Free Lunches, Fines on Tony, Happy Dollars and a President-Elect
Elizabeth reported on the interview with RYLA candidate that she and I conducted Wednesday morning at Spaulding. She also reported that a new young teacher will be the advisor to Interact beginning this fall.
George gave a Happy Dollar in being happy because he had lunch with Dick Parnigoni and Dick Shadroui.
Tony gave out free lunch cards which Scott had given him at church.
John proposed a fine of one-and-nine on Tony for not supplying M&M’s with his Membership Moment. Tony retorted that the cards had been thrust upon him at church. Without much of a defense, the fine passed.
John proposed a second fine on Tony for not listening regarding Tony’s request for change. Tony responded by pointing out that he was greeting people and engaging with members. Fine passed.
Joe put a dollar in the basket because he just wanted to do it.
Eddie gave a Happy Dollar for Norwich making it to the Division III finals and only losing by one point in overtime. A great season from a rocky start.
It was moved and seconded that John Steinman be nominated to fill the office of President-Elect. Motion passed unanimously.
Committees Go To Work: Brief Reports Were Submitted
Club Service
  • 501C3 is in the works; Barre Rotary Foundation will be created.
  • The fall Gala plans are in the works.
  • Loren and Kristen will be back up for Granite Chips; Liane will back up when Loren assumes the duties as Secretary.
  • It was suggested that twelve members serve as monthly program chairs.
Youth Committee
  • The name of person who will be the advisor to Interact will be requested from Brenda.
  • Rotarians will attend Freshman Orientation at Spaulding to provide information on RYLA and provide support for Interact recruitment.
Community Service
  • There was a briefing regarding past community service projects.
  • Tom will compile a list of all past community service projects.
Foundation Committee
  • Ted and Tony are active in educating members about the Rotary Foundation.
  • This year’s goal is 100% participation.
  • Tony is contracting the sixteen-eighteen members who don’t attend meetings.
Club Information
We meet:
Wednesdays, 12:00 PM
The American Legion
320 North Main Street
Barre, VT  05641 USA
Apr 10, 2019
Sound the Alarm - Installation of Free Fire Alarms in Barre on April 27th
Apr 17, 2019
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Adaptive Hockey
May 08, 2019
Family Center of Washington County
May 15, 2019
Vermont Legal Ethics
May 29, 2019
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