The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
Without a Speaker: Chaos
The Pledge of Allegiance Takes Center Stage
With rituals completed, seventeen Rotarians helped themselves to a buffet of salad, lasagna, rolls and bread pudding. Tony was first on his feet and waiting in silence before proposing a fine of one-and-nine on “this guy,” pointing to Ray, for using the wrong rhythm when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Before Ray could defend himself, Tom proposed an amendment of a fine on Tony for referring to Ray as “this guy.”  Both passed. Scott gave two Happy Dollars in celebration of getting his fall clothes out and for being in Vermont where we don’t have violent storms. John proposed a fine of one-and-nine on Tony for letting outside forces influence the pace of his recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. An amendment was made to fine John for not respecting President Liane (standing and making a proposal before being recognized). In his defense, Tony said that he wanted to bathe in the words of the Pledge of Allegiance and he did not want to rush. Both fines passed. Eddie gave a Happy Dollar for a successful RFGT (Rousse Family Golf Tournament). He also pointed out that it has been suggested the Preamble to the Constitution replace the Pledge of Allegiance. That brought a quick response from Ray who addressed Lady Madam President: “We should never get rid of the Pledge of Allegiance.” Bertil offered a Happy Dollar as he extolled the virtues of his homeland, Sweden, from which he had recently returned. Karl threw a Happy Dollar into the basket in praise of Kristin’s great job on last week’s Granite Chips. Liane gave a Sad Dollar in observance of the anniversary of 9/11 and a Happy Dollar in thanks for Eddie running last week’s meeting. Tony then addressed Madam President to propose a fine on Eddie for wearing his wife’s badge. Eddie offered no defense except to say that he wanted to see if anyone noticed. Karl is going through “stuff”  that he received from Claire and brought a metal file box to the meeting and offered it to those assembled. Scott took it off his hands. Tony proposed a fine of one-and-nine on John for not following protocol (not offering a raffle ticket to President Liane).  President Liane defended John by recounting that she was in a hurry and threw a check at John and left the money-taking scene. Ted rose to point out that John was in training and that he should not be held accountable at this point in that training. Tony opined that it wasn’t John’s first rodeo. Fine did not pass. Scott presided over one of his Membership Moments and pointed out that the M&Ms on the tables were not chocolate, but he had plenty more in his bag and he asked someone to step up to take over for him next year. Tony and Caroline expressed thanks for the cards that Scott had distributed last week inviting potential members to a meeting.
Announcements, Reports and a Request
  • President Liane announced for a second time that Lauren Polk has applied for membership.
  • Caroline reported that she had appeared before the Barre City Council and presented slides of the mural wall panels. It has been decided that the panels will be worked on during the winter at the Granite Museum. A documentary of the making of the mural will be produced.
  • President Liane asked if anyone was interested in heading up the Trash Pickers group. Eddie plans to meet with Claire to gather details of this community effort.
  • Kristin reported that honorees have been selected for the Joint Service Clubs Recognition Dinner and that they have all confirmed acceptance. We are responsible for donating $150 to help cover the costs of the dinner.
  • Tony announced that he is trying to get a better price for the Rotary Annual Ball dinner.
A Motion, a Fine and Two More Happy Dollars: The Finale
After a brief discussion, Scott moved and Kristin seconded that the Annual Ball this year be an exhibition instead of a competition. Motion passed unanimously.
Eddie proposed a fine on Karl for not wearing a badge. Tom quickly proposed an amendment of one-and-nineteen on Karl for a mistake in the directory that he had just passed out: instead of Karl, his first name is Char. No defense for either fine was provided and it passed easily.
Caroline gave two Happy Dollars: one for receiving a check from Bob Pope for $6200.00 from the Barre Rotary Breakfast ticket sales and another for Dunkin’ Doughnuts Athletic Support Coupons which can be purchased from Eddie as a fundraiser.
Kristin Hayes, Editor
September 5, 2018

After the rituals, fourteen Barre Rotarians and one guest speaker sat down to lunch on Panini sandwiches, pasta salad, pickles and cake.
With sadness our President Liane was not present for the meeting but we were fortunate for the goodwill of President Elect Eddie who stepped up to lead the meeting in her absence.
Caroline was quick to offer a happy dollar as Kristin arrived slightly late to the meeting, offering happiness to another woman adding diversity to the heavily weighed men in attendance. She also offered an additional dollar in celebration of her birthday that recently passed. Doug, our esteemed guest and visitor from Bon Air Virginia, also offered a dollar. Doug offered both a happy and a sad dollar after he watched the service for honored Senator John McCain. We were also happy to have Adella Polk, a senior high school student and Loren’s daughter, as a welcome visitor to the club’s meeting.
Caroline gave the members an update on our Rotary wall project which is coming together. Caroline shared there will be 8 groups of students and artists who will be painting the 4x8 plywood panels that will be constructed. Caroline put to the group for discussion the option of Rotary forming a group to work on one of the panels. The commitment would be 8-16 individuals who could commit to a few evenings to get this accomplished.
Joe Preddy graciously offered his primer paining skills but was politely refused as the panels should come primed. If this is not the case we know the man for the job. Anyone wishing to join the Rotary panel painting group only need ask and do not need prior artistic skill to apply. Ted had the superb idea to use the Barre Granite Museum to help complete the painting and storage which they graciously agreed to do. Tony was quick to point out how nice of them to “carve out” a space for us to use.
Our speaker this week was Steve Mackenzie. Steve is the Barre City Manager and has been in that position for 8 years next month. Steve shared many updates to projects currently underway in Barre. Steve happily reported that the flood mitigation project created to alleviate trash from jamming up during flooding is complete and was deemed a success during the rainy season we experienced in July. The goals of many of the flood projects aim to give the neighborhoods back to the people and they successfully demoed five houses with a grant from FEMA which covered 75% of this project and a companion grant to offset the remaining 25%. The Merchant Row’s Redevelopment project has started and is projected for completion in 3-5 years. Steve also reported on the new dedicated Fire Chief as a change to the Barre emergency response team, the open position for Barre’s Finance Director, a position they hope to fill by the end of September, and updates on the 2018 paving project which is still in process. Takeaway from Steve’s updates on Barre show a community in action and a community that cares for the people and the city in which we work and live.
That’s all folks.
See ya next time, Kristin.
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Barre, VT
We meet Wednesdays at 12:00 PM
The American Legion
320 North Main Street
Barre, VT  05641
United States
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