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More Reports Than Fines
Tony’s Back and So Are Fines on Three Ts
Taking a break from munching on his pizza, Tony rose to propose a fine on Tom for not following protocol by moving his ticket away from the spot where Tony had placed it to save his seat. Tom defended by saying that he had achieved his goal of moving Tony far way; he was now at the head table. Fine passed. Tony continued by proposing a fine of one-and-nine on Ted for not hanging the banners and not moving the flag before the meeting. Ted’s defense was that he had “no excuse.” Ray, assisting Ted today, chimed in by claiming that it was “on me as well.” Sarah proposed an amendment to include Ray and both the amendment and the original proposal passed. Tom then proposed a fine of one-and-nine on Tony for not recruiting an understudy to take his place as “king of fining” when he was absent. (Earlier Tony had noted that in reading Granite Chips he had noticed there were no fines last week.) Tony retorted with that he had his eye out for tenderfoots and soon would be training an entourage of members capable of proposing fines at Tony’s level. Someone remarked that “there is only one Tony” and another followed with “thank God.” Fine passed.
Secretary’s Report
Matt Vallmaire was introduced as a guest. He works in Barre, but lives in the Williston area and is a member of Williston-Richmond Rotary CLub. He pitched their upcoming ski race fundraiser at Bolton Valley on March 9th. Last year Tom and Karl participated and we won a trophy for the oldest club (referring to the team members I assume)  competing. Tom is looking for members to form a team for this year’s competition.
Chandra Pollard was also introduced as our newest member and was inducted later in the meeting. Here is a photo of the inductee, a witness to the induction and the inductor.
A Plethora of Reports                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Elizabeth reported that all the dictionaries and atlases have been distributed to the third and fifth graders at area schools and information regarding the Speech Contest and RYLA has been distributed to the Orange and Washington schools.
Brenda reported that we have only one student for the Speech Contest, but we are hoping for more. It will take place at the February 21st meeting.
Tom is working on an application for a 501C3. He is looking to the district for help. We would “run” our charities through it and we would be exempt from sales tax.
President Caroline announced that a committee is being formed to handle the organization of the Annual Breakfast instead of one person doing most of the work.
She told us that we are awaiting a budget from the group in charge of Berlin Elementary School’s Orchard Project. We and Central Vermont Rotary will be participating in that project in the spring.
She also gave an update on the Summer Street Wall Project. A committee is being formed and she is looking for someone from Spaulding to serve. Brenda will suggest either a teacher or a student.
Liane reported the next year’s Annual Ball will be a masquerade ball again and that the Elks Club has been booked. Food will have to be different as will the show. Students of the Pedricks will compete and Bill and Carolyn will be the judges.
Sarah called to our attention that it was fund raising season at the Aldrich Public Library. The STEAM Program needs $1200 to operate this year. The Library received a grant of $130,000 to renovate the children’s space in the basement.
Tony announced that he has been pressed into service by his daughter who needs assistance in wine and food choices for her wedding to take place on September 25th. He also announced that New England Cooks had been picked up by Apple TV.
‘til next time, that’s all folks
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