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Granite Chips
Distribution Plan Discussed



Mask Distribution Discussed

Nineteen Rotarians joined this week’s virtual meeting hosted by President Eddie. The first portion of the meeting featured a discussion of how to distribute the masks that we now have in our possession. Our priority is to provide and people connected to Rotarians with the masks on hand. One suggestion was giving some of them to People’s Health and Wellness to distribute. It was pointed out that people need to know that these masks are washable. Ted described a process being used by his business using plastic bags containing masks and information on washing them. After a few more comments on the population we should be serving, it was decided to post a notice on Front Porch Forum. President Eddie will take responsibility for doing this. 


Recognizing Spaulding High School Seniors

Caroline and Tony reported on an initiative to recognize the Spaulding High School seniors with a photo banner affixed to the street light posts in downtown Barre. Caroline and Tony will gather more information so that we can determine our kind and level of support.

Since Last We Met

Birthdays :

Ron Parnigoni   April 16

Tom Babic        April 17    


Lest We Forget: From The Bulletin April 13, 1931:

Rotary is just an attempt on the part of Paul Harris, to take the village to the city- to bring each other together in fellowship. To give them the chance to call each other by the first name.

On this day in history: 1889 The Oklahoma land rush begins

 1778 John Paul Jones leads the American Raid on Whitehaven England         

 1970 The first Earth Day

 1978 The Blues Brothers made their world premier on “Saturday Night Live”.

Rousse Reports

  • President Eddie has made a video of the Wheelock Project and has invited Alana to see what we have done.

  • The mural has been cleaned by Karl, Ted, Eddie and Tony. Story follows below.

  • The question of Green Up Day came up and Interact’s involvement. Green-Up Day has been rescheduled for May 30th, but Barre Rotary will have its annual trash pick-up at the end of May. Tom will be in touch regarding our plans.  

  • Lauren announced that the first “Rotary Reads” will be the first chapter of Little House in the Big Woods. 

Until next time, that’s all folks…...

 Posted by Caroline Earle on Apr 21, 2020
In April of 2020 three members of the Barre Rotary Club, President Ed Rousse, Ted Goulette and Karl A. Rinker cleaned the Summer Street mural and the sidewalk as well as installed additional screws and sanded the initials that someone carved into it. It still looks pretty good! As a part of the Summer Street Mural project, The Barre Rotary Club committed to maintaining the mural going forward.  True to its word, Barre Rotarian and club president,  Ed Rousse with Karl A. Rinker scrubbed off the winter residue from the mural on a recent cloudy day.  While the mural has largely been spared any vandalism, it was noted during maintenance that some initials had been scratched into one of the panels, likely by a key.  Rotarian Ted Goulette lightly sanded the initials down.  Soon, Paletteer John Landy will use leftover mural paint to repair the panel and Ted Goulette will then seal the new paint with an application of anti-graffiti coating.  Barre Rotary is committed to maintaining this significant Rotary project so that our entire community and visitors to the area can continue to enjoy its beauty and historical content.  Thank you Ed, Karl, Ted, and John Landy! 
Club Information
We no longer meet at The Legion, 320 North Main Street, Barre, VT, 802.479.9058. Until further notice we only meet online. For more information please click here to contact President Rousse.
Apr 29, 2020
May 27, 2020
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