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September 7, 2022 Meeting Minutes


Rotary Minutes – 09/14/22





Rotary Honors the Sovereign Elizabeth II

President Nicole started our meeting promptly, leading our group with the Pledge of Allegiance. Friend of Rotary Art Zorn then led us in suitably patriotic song, but also led us in an appropriate acknowledgement of the former Queen’s funeral procession today with a robust rendition of God Save the Queen.

Guests Abound

Rotarians were delighted to welcome Barre PD Chief Brad Vail and Salvation Army Major Keith Jake to Barre Rotary. Chief Vail has been on the job six months, recently moved in with his spouse to a new Barre home, and has been a Rotarian in his previous community. Major Keith just moved here from Warren, PA, where he was a Rotarian, and he has indicated an intent to apply to membership in our Rotary Club. Finally, DG Caroline was delighted to introduce Assistant District Governor Jason Schnoor, from the Middlebury Rotary Club, one of eleven AGs who have ably assisted DG Caroline in her tenure as DG to date.

Secretary In Absentia

In member Jim’s absence, we deferred the Secretary’s Report.

Constitutional Moment Closer to Home

Caroline put a twist on the Constitution Moment this week, by focusing on our Vermont Constitution, and its proposed 22nd Amendment, which reads:

Sec 2. Article 22 of Chapter I of the Vermont Constitution is added to read: 

Article 22. [Personal reproductive liberty] 

That an individual’s right to personal reproductive autonomy is central to the liberty and dignity to determine one’s own life course and shall not be denied or infringed unless justified by a compelling State interest achieved by the least restrictive means. 

Caroline noted that our Vermont Constitution requires a four year process, spanning two biennials of our Legislature in order to pass a proposed Amendment. This Amendment will now go before voters in the November general election. Caroline encouraged all Rotarians to review the text and history of the proposed Amendment and then place an informed vote according to their conscience and values.

When asked by member Joe how to research the intent and meaning of the proposed Amendment, Caroline urged Joe and other to contact Legislative Council for the legislative history and testimony on the proposed Amendment. Member Loren helpfully proposed that

Rotarians apply the “CRAAP” analysis to this Amendment when considering opinions regarding the intent and impact of the Amendment.

C: Is the analysis current?

R: Is the analysis relevant?

A: Does the analysis come from an authority?

A: Is the analysis accurate?

P: What is the purpose of the speaker?


Global Happiness & Fines

Member Ted offered a happy $5 for a great picnic at Bullett home, in which he learned all about oysters

Member Tom noted that at the event, Doug was fined a nonsensical $1, and so he paid that fine for their excellent host.

Honorary member Doug offered a happy $ for having spent two weeks off the island of Hawaii. Doug shared that in Fiji, their history included a speaker’s table, which required anyone speaking to the people to stand with a hand on the table. If the speaker was not telling the truth, their legend was that that person would become seriously ill. Doug suggested that perhaps we need a similar device in Washington, Montpelier, etc…

Member Tony offered $2 happy for the great time at Doug’s, and for Ted helping on grill.

Member Caroline initially thought to offer her Canadian $5 happy dollars, but decided to substitute in $4 US currency dollars, $1 for Jason, Keith & Chief Vail’s presence and $1 for her excellent visit to the Drummondville Rotary where she gave her DG presentation for the first time in French.

Member Tony jumped up again with a happy $1 that Caroline did not create an international incident during her visit, and a proposal for all Rotarians not wearing a badge to donate a $1.

Member Joe conceded the $1 for no badge but observed that the badge case was nowhere to be seen. not present. Joe also offered a sad $1 because he could not join Doug’s party, but was a $1 happy because he did go to the Barre Opera House for its 200 year renovation celebration and was thrilled to see Cindy Campos looking so well after her recent surgery.

Member Ed offered a happy $1 for fellow Rotarian Bob, who helped clean out maple syrup jugs that were used for the Rotary breakfast, and also a happy $1 for the wonderful event at Doug’s house. Ed took leftover shucked oysters home with him & that night made an excellent oyster stew. Waste not, want not indeed.

Finally, guest AG Jason offered a happy $1 for Caroline’s invitation to join the Barre Rotary club and also for the changing leaves that he observed during his travels on Route 17.

Au Courant

President Nicole sought announcements & updates from our members, and there were many!

Member Karl updated us on the Art Splash. Karl is seeking funding for a new model for an additional coupe car. He is $2,000 short, after donations from CNB and Pat Malone.

Member Doug announced that Rowen’s wife (Rowen presented at his event), has COVID but Rowen does not. Nicole assured the members that unless you spent 15 minutes or more in close proximity to Rowen inside, you were not a direct contact.

Member Tony announced the Rotary coin drop would take place on 10/08/22 from 9 am to 2 pm, and that a ClubRunner event will be created for folks to sign up. We raised about $1,500 total last time, so a fun and worthwhile event for us. Save the date.

Member Eddie announced that he & Art did the training to do measurements for Window Dressers. These two also handily weeded and replaced some elements of the garden project & place Rotary signs at the location.

Member Tom announced that we will have an updated accounting by the end of this month.

Member Nicole announced that the Rotary Closet has had some rodent problems. Member Karl laid some traps and she has reached out to Alona.

President Nicole announced an ongoing person project assisting a family of five who are currently homeless. She is connecting them with resources but welcomes any donations or assistance from other Rotarians. Member Karl has graciously allowed them to camp on his land at present. Nicole noted that they are saving for a vehicle and also need a sofa.

All Roads Lead to Service

President Nicole commenced her presentation on the Five Avenues of Service

She announced an OANM (Offers and Needs Market) process to take place at Barre Rotary at the next Club Assembly. She urged Barre Rotarians to bring a friend to that meeting!

Five Avenues of Service Committees. Our members were separated out into Breakout groups and charged with working on these five avenues for the fifteen minutes, results to be reported back at a later meeting.

Call from Hosts for the Open World Program at Rotary International headquarters. An appeal to host emerging Eurasian leaders from a variety of countries. She will look into this further.

There’s No Place Like Home

Our meeting wrapped up with member Tony choosing the winning ticket & announcing that we have the Barre City River Access Task Force coming as speakers for our next meeting.


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