The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
Karl Presents

A Bit of This and That
While eleven Rotarians were lunching on salad with grilled chicken, Caroline garnered the attention of President Tony and proceeded to add three Happy Dollars to the coffers for these happy occurrences: her daughter finishing college in three years and securing an internship in occupational therapy; the Constitution at work; and glad to back at our noon meeting after winning a battle with the Corvid-19 virus. Nicole was next with a Happy Dollar in celebrating her daughter sleeping accident free for four nights. George added another HD in recognizing Star Wars Day and enjoying the chocolate cake provided as part of its celebration. President Tony reminded us that we had five chairs at the Opera House and needed to think about what we wanted on the plague. Suggestions included Rotary’s five avenues of service and deceased former Barre Rotarians. More discussion and a vote on a decision will take place in the future. Nicole announced that she is going to be working on a Rotary Citation for our 100th anniversary in 2024. Eddie threw a dollar in the basket and told us a bit of UVM history. He discovered in the Vermont Cynic, UVM’s newspaper, an article referring to the Kake Walk. It involved fraternity members dancing in blackface and satin tuxedos inspired by mid-19th century minstrel shows. Perceived as a racist activity, it was discontinued in 1969.
Since Last We Met
On this day in history: 1970 National Guard kills four students in Kent State shootings.
1776 Rhode Island becomes the first colony to declare independence from England.
1966 Willie Mays breaks the National League home run record.
Bruce reported that SAFE and Interact planted over 200 trees on Sunday, May 1st. He and Tony participated in this activity with the students from Spaulding.
A Constitutional Moment
Caroline focused again on the Fourteenth Amendment. Section 1 speaks to due process and the right to privacy and is related to the leaked opinion on abortion and could be relative to other privacy issues in the future, such as gay marriage. She also pointed out that the 1973 draft of Roe vs Wade opinion was also leaked at the time.
Karl Presents
With ten minutes left, Karl conducted an abbreviated version of his seminar on “How to Access Our Website and Its Features on Your Cell Phone.” The title (which I embellished) was almost as long as his allotted time! He provided a good learning experience for us and we appreciated h
clarity and positive approach. Thanks, Karl.
Until next time, that's all folks,,,,


Club Information
We meet every Wednesday at
12:00 Noon at Post 10 of
The American Legion,
320 North Main Street,
Barre, VT.
Call 802.479.9058 for more information,
or to email President Tony Campos please 
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