The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
Granite Chips   February 21 2024
With Gratitude
The meeting started with fourteen Rotarians reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and President Eddie expressing gratitude for the spring-like weather, the beginning of baseball season and the progress he has made since his hip operation.
With Love
Then we had Bob Pope proposing a fine on George explaining that because of his 90th birthday we have a cake instead of cookies. Although plenty of defense was offered on George’s behalf, the fine passed with a resounding chorus of no’s.
Bob also proposed a fine of one-and-nine on Caroline for talking while someone else had the floor. She paid without offering a defense.
With Sadness
Tony gave two dollars in remembrance of his nephew who committed suicide  two years ago.
With Happiness
Louisa Tripp, former DG,  offered a Happy Dollar in recognition of George’s 90th.
Caroline followed with five Happy Dollars for: Louisa, our Assistant Governor: that the area speech contest with take place in Northfield on March 4th and Charlotte Kellett, the winner of our contest, will participate; the artistic room in which we are having our meeting today; and being impressed with Angelina’s level of activity and energy at her advanced stage of her pregnancy. 
Caroline then gave $20 to the polio fund in honor of George’s birthday and challenged fellow Rotarians to follow suit.
Angelina met the challenge with a dollar for polio and another for George’s birthday. 
George took up the challenge and added ten more dollars to our local polio plus fund. 
Since Last We Met
Club anniversaries: Angelina Debeaupuis  February 22, 2023  1 year
On this day in history: In 1991 the Persian Gulf War, an international conflict that was triggered by Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, ended as Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein accepted a cease-fire agreement.
On this day in history: In 2015 American actor Leonard Nimoy—who was best known for his portrayal of the stoic, cerebral Mr. Spock in the sci-fi  TV and film franchise Star Trek—died at age 83.
President Eddie read a proclamation for George in honor of his 90th birthday.  Here it is: 
WHEREAS George D. Milne, born on March 2, 1934, is well known in Central VT as the President of the Granite Savings Bank and Trust Company from 1973-1992; graduated magna cum laude from Tufts College, and has two sons (Jamie and Chip) that grew up on Nelson Street in Barre;
WHEREAS he served on the commission to develop access roads to I-89 from Barre City and South Barre;
WHEREAS in 2020, George performed at the Barre Opera House as an amateur composer, presenting with some of the area’s finest professional musicians, inspired by Eric Nielsen, one of his teachers, and longtime friend, pianist, and teacher, Dick Shadroui, a fellow member of the RotaBarreans.
WHEREAS George’s connection to the granite industry; his grandfather was a founder of Boutwell, Milne and Varnum Quarry Company, now Rock of Ages, in 1885, and dying of silicosis in 1916. The historic quarry is still producing granite on the same site.
WHEREAS George has been a member of the Rotary Club of Barre since May 19, 1959, 66 years, serving as President of our beloved club and a Past District Governor of our district, and has contributed to the Rotary Foundation consistently over the years, to the tune of being a Paul Harris Fellow +8;
THEREFORE, LET IT BE KNOWN THAT George’s contributions to our Club, our community, and society in general have been noteworthy, distinguished, and eminent over the past 70 or so years, and he has dutifully attended our noon luncheons without fail, providing us with the opportunity to CELEBRATE together his 90th BIRTHDAY today!
Nicole took the floor to explain how the Visioning Committee (Caroline, Jim and Nicole) analyzed the results of the Club Health Check. Based on that analysis, three areas were identified as priorities. These were: business operations; public image; and membership. Elements for each of these areas were posted and members were given “dots” to use to “vote” for those elements they felt were most important. The results of this exercise will be used by the Visioning Committee to develop a plan which will guide the future direction of the club. The draft of the plan will be presented for consideration and feedback at the next Club Assembly on March 27th.

Until next time...that's all Rotarians.....
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