The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
Chaos at Club Assembly
Happy Dollars Out Pace Fine Dollars
After the rituals, fourteen Barre Rotarians and one guest sat down to lunch on pulled pork, cole slaw, potatoes and watermelon and cake. Caroline was first on her feet with a Happy Dollar in celebration of the final design for the mural being approved. With a great deal of excitement she showed a depiction of the design. Scott gave a Happy Dollar for being “here.” President Liane gave five Happy Dollars in recognition of her six years of marriage and showed us a diamond necklace, a gift from her husband. Tom was next up to propose a fine of one-and-nine on Caroline for not training President Liane on bell ringing etiquette. In a rare move, Tony came to Caroline’s defense opining “that a coach can take a player just so far.” Brenda pointed out the acoustics of the room should have been taken into account when [deciding the force of the blow to the bell.] Bob proposed an amendment to the fine; one-and-nine on John for not supporting Caroline as an educator. Scott thought that we were sliding down a slippery slope. John invited us to a session on gong ringing taking place at one of the schools in Barre on October 4th. That cost him an automatic dollar for mentioning his “business.” Tony proposed another amendment: a fine on Scott for not understanding the original fine. Neither amendment passed, but the fine on Caroline did. Tony then rose to propose a fine on Tom for causing chaos. Tom quipped that he had learned his craft from Mr. Chaos himself. Fine passed. Bob made the remark that I had written only one sentence of extended fining diatribe. I pointed out that I had captured most of it and that he was violating one the tenets of the 4 Way Test: Is it the truth?  At the urging of fellow Rotarians, I proposed a fine on Bob for this infraction. The fine passed. John gave a Happy Dollar because Caroline was not fined again for another educational training failure. Kristin gave a Happy Dollar in celebration of her daughter turning twelve. Tony gave a Happy Dollar for reaching the five gallon mark in blood donations. Bruce gave two Happy Dollars: one for closing on a new home and one for realizing that he was a member of Barre Rotary when he received his first email from Club Runner at 8:42 a.m.
Secretary’ Report
Sue recognized Bruce Fisher as one of our newest members and, in absentia, John Steinman. She then introduced Clare Duke as a guest and called on her to address the group.
Claire Says Goodbye to Trash
Claire began with a Happy Dollar in celebration of sixty years of marriage. Recently her family surprised Claire and David with a party and their children came from all over the country. She then announced that the Trash Pickers were retiring after six years. She encouraged us to continue this worthwhile act of community service and offered to train someone. Tony devilishly suggested that Tom take up the gauntlet. Being one who is not easily deterred, Tony kept needling until Tom finally retorted: “You’ll be talking trash and I’ll be picking it up.” 
Announcements and Billy Rossi
Brenda reported that several students signed up for Interact at Freshmen Orientation at Spaulding. President Liane will be attending their initial meeting hoping to recruit more members to add to the core of four.
President Liane announced that the Annual Rotary Ball, scheduled for October 27th, will have a slightly different format with participation of either members of the Norwich Ballroom Dance Club or the one at UVM. The funds raised will go to youth programs: Interact, the Pool Program and Make-A-Wish Foundation. It will also include participation of members of Spaulding’s Junior ROTC Program.
In response to President Liane’s question on lunches, the group gave a thumbs up.
Assistant Governor Caroline announced that among the clubs that are part of her service area (Barre, Montpelier, Northfield and Central Vermont), Barre in the only one that has increased its membership in the last few years. She also reminded Rotarians of Rotary Leadership Institute that will occur at Dartmouth-Hitchcock on September 15th from 8:30 to 2:00. Scott added kudos and encourage our attendance.
President Liane informed us that she will be missing several meetings in next few weeks due to business commitments. President Elect Eddie will be holding the gavel in her absence.
Here is a recent picture of Billy Rossi. Remember he likes cards. Please send them to: PO Box 106, West Danville, VT 05873.
Until next time, that's all folks.....
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