The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
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Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
Barre Rotary Club Meeting

DG Caroline Earle, Author
‘Yuletide Carols Being Sung by a Choir’
The merry season influenced our meeting traditions this week, with the pledge and a patriotic song followed by many moments of gratitude being offered by members, and then – after a brief interlude – a lovely and unique version of White Christmas.  
Tony started with gratitude for our two Coat Wrap volunteers – Finn & Robin – who enjoyed our service project and added some youthful joy to the endeavor. Loren followed with gratitude in watching a cast of 30 (including kids) perform A Christmas Carol in the library to a robust audience, who watched Scrooge turn into a Rotarian. Eddie was grateful for a quick “date” with his bride, Sandy, to pick out some glasses, and the VSO Holiday Pops performance, which moved him almost to tears. Finally, Joe Shadroui was grateful that he was encouraged to attend the VSO Holiday Pops concert by last week’s speaker and attended with joy and appreciation.   
“Everybody knows a Turkey & some Mistletoe”
A Christmas miracle visited us this week – a moment of unplanned and unexpected complete silence as Rotarians munched in unison a delicious turkey meal prepared by Bob Woodward and Meals on Wheels. As is the case with many miracles, this one did not last, but it was a sweet interlude. 
“So, I’m Offering you this Simple Phrase”  
After noting that Rotarian Bob Pope has begged her to extend her Rotary moments, DG Caroline offered a brief reflection on the elegant introduction to our US Constitution: “We the People of the United States…”, and how this introduction mirrors many of the principles of Rotary’s Four Way Test (establishing justice, promoting the general welfare, and securing the blessings of liberty).  
In honor of the gift of the Constitution that was given to our country 235 years ago, DG Caroline handed out pocket Constitutions, each with a Christmas ribbon, to all of our members.  
“Although it’s been said, Many Times, Many Ways” 
Rotarian Loren shared a Logical Fallacy Moment, focusing this week on “Rosy Recollection” and “Declinism.”  The first stems from our willingness to overlook difficult moments of the past and instead remember things in a rosy way, and the latter from a determined tendency to view the present and future through a cracked prism of pessimism.  Loren shared that as long ago as 23 AD people complained that younger people did not know how to tell stories, dooming our future.  
To combat this tendency, embrace constructive feedback, remember that your “past” is someone else’s future, and use the same scale when weighing past and future events. Keep those rose-colored glasses on!
“Will help to Make the Season Bright”
Happy $/Fines
Eddie and Karl shared happy dollars for hosting VSO musicians and attending the magical Holiday Pops at the Barre Opera House.
Caroline added dollars for Polio, her presence at her home club & visits to other home clubs. Our newest member, Nicholas, added $1 for Argentina (his birth country) hanging in to the next round of the World Cup. 
Nicole was $5 happy for her daughter’s little vacation, finishing up her class, a touching letter from a student, Loren’s help with Tatum Tots and the Club for its generous support of that good work.  
“He’s loaded lots of Toys & Goodies on his Sleigh” 
President Nicole then got the Club down to business picking out new club badges, organizing bell ringing for the Salvation Army, confirming a Rotary Game Night on 01/25/23 at the library, picking pies for our new community pie fundraiser, and beginning to consider the next slate of Club officers.  
“Although It’s Been Said Many Times, Many Ways”
Our Christmas Concert will be held next Wednesday, December 21st. Rotarian Tom reminded us to wear our best Christmas garb!  The meeting on December 28th-Club Assembly-will feature a "Yankee Swap."
Until next time…, that’s all folks.

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