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Chartered 1924
District 7850
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Granite Chips
Fines and Happy Dollars Dominate


Rotary Meeting – 09/29/21
Joe’s Jitters
Joe Shadroui provided our invocation today. After acknowledging his first-time jitters, Joe shared a heartfelt thanks for our health, good works and company. Nice job, Joe!
Bruce’s Baubles
With no club or other anniversaries to celebrate, Bruce shared a few historical baubles with members. The great singing cowboy, Gene Autry, was born on this day in Texas in 1907, and in 1988, the first woman American, Stacy Allison, scaled Mount Everest.
Club Assembly Hijacked by Fines
The last meeting of each month is reserved for Club Assembly. This is an opportunity for Rotarians to share updates on projects, suggest new ideas, and focus on Club development.
Caroline made a valiant effort to direct the Club’s attention to data showing our membership trend over the past few years (down seven members the last two years), and the age and gender composition of our Club.
The members were not ready for serious discussion, however, and the Assembly was quickly hijacked by a barrage of fines from feisty members exercising their prerogative under “Robert’s Rules” to fill our basket to overflowing.
Joe Shadroui started the trend by fining himself $1 for not RSVP’s timing for the luncheon. Gaining steam, Tom Babic next proposed another $1 fine on Bob for fining himself. This effort was seconded by the Rules arbiter himself, Bob Pope.
President Tony passed the gavel to Acting President Karl and offered a tepid defense of Joe.
Succumbing to the mood of the Club, Caroline set aside her gravitas and offered an amendment of 1 and 9 on all members who were not wearing their badges. No one objected to this fine as unrelated to the original Motion (Robert’s Rules, indeed!), but this original Amendment as seconded by Nicole failed as a result of a dubious ruling by AP Karl. Sliding into further disrepute, AP Karl then ruled the original Motion despite a resounding voice vote in favor.
With President Tony back in possession of the gavel, order was only briefly restored. Nicole proposed a fine of 1 and 9 upon Karl for his audacious disregard of the will of the Club in his prior rulings. Second by Joe Shadroui, Bob Pope proposed an amendment to fine Nicole for failing to rise when making her motion. Tom second this shocking disregard for club etiquette, and the amendment and fine passed.
The fines continued, too numerous to recount….
Moving on to Happy…
Nicole was happy thrice: one $1 for being flanked by handsome Rotarians Ted Goulette and Joe Shadroui, one $1 for co-presenting at the Partridge Luncheon Ceremony at Norwich University and seeing the friendly face of Rotarian Ted Goulette in the audience, and one $1 for the return of the Norwich University Clothing Swap & Drop, which was suspended during the pandemic, and is now welcoming donations on October 16th and providing clothes to the community at $1 on October 17th.
Ted followed up with $5 happy dollars for having observed Nicole’s artful presentation to 500 Norwich University large donors and her skill at weaving in her “ask” and showcase of NU students in her presentation to this crowd.
Joe shared a happy dollar for his sister Paula’s willingness to stop over and give him a much-needed haircut. Joe’s enthusiasm for the “fining” portion of our meeting seems to have considerably increased!
Finally, Eddie shared two happy dollars, one for his excellent Parent’s Weekend trip to see daughter Olivia and other to congratulate Ted and Barb Goulette, SHS Class of 1966.
With happiness declared all around, the members finally moved on to the business of Club Assembly…
Auction Elation
Karl shared that the Art Splash had raised $10,000 for the artists, and $34,923 for the Club. He thanked all those who worked so diligently and noted that the Splash would not be repeated for the summer of 2022 but may be resurrected for the summer of 2023 if the Club votes to repeat this fundraiser event. Karl shared more detailed reports with all Club members for their review and additional discussion at a later date. Finally, he also handed out 20 tickets for Wheels for Warmth to each Club member who was present for sale to community partners. Pick up your tickets from Karl to support this fundraising event! If all 200 tickets are sold, the Club will raise an additional $5,000 for its general funds with $5,000 going to Wheels for Warmth fuel assistance to low-income Vermonters.
George Goes Viral !
Well, not really, but Rotarian George Milne did win the raffle and also picked the white marble! George left with a little more Oompapa in his pocket than when he arrived.
Cub Reporter Out.
Oktoberfest Oompapa
The first Oktoberfest fundraiser was  held Saturday, October 2nd at the Granite Museum from 11 am to 2 pm. Delicate Decadence caterted a German themed menu and Bavarian-inspired band Inseldudler provided plenty of good cheer, reinforced by seasonal brews from Zero Gravity and 14th Star Brewing Company. About 80 people attended.
Until next time, that's all folks,,,,
Club Information
We meet every Wednesday at
12:00 Noon at Post 10 of
The American Legion,
320 North Main Street,
Barre, VT.
Call 802.479.9058 for more information,
or to email President Tony Campos please 
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