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July Heats Up


Projects and Fundraisers

During the month of July, Barre Rotary Club President John led meetings  which focused on developing fundraising ideas and projects, featured two guest speakers and attended to regular Rotary business. Following is a summary.  [Editor’s Note: If you notice that participants or contributors have inadvertently been left out, please let me know and I will make sure that they are recognized in the August edition.

Nicole began the month by suggesting a gardening project to beautify areas at the intersection of Ayers, Main and Hill streets. That project developed nicely during the month as Joe Shadroui and Eddie joined Nicole to help weed, water and mulch, provide resources, and solicit and collect donations of perennials. At least one member of the Barre City Garden Club has participated as well. The project will continue during the summer with the planting of more perennials.

Early in the month an alternative to the Annual Rotary Breakfast continued to be discussed, centering around a drive-by or walk-thru Breakfast to Go. Tony met with chefs for their input and presented the idea about using the Elks Club’s kitchen to prepare the breakfast. Later in the month Tony questioned having a breakfast pick-up over a more profitable dinner option. He advanced the idea of having food trucks and vendors at Currier Park. It was suggested that seating be available at picnic tables and the pros and cons of that idea were debated. The notion of Rotarians acting as “car hops” was also thrown in the “hopper.” Discussion will continue in August with a decision coming soon thereafter.

Another idea that was discussed in July was the Drive-In Movie event. Several issues regarding site, sound, and licensing were raised. These issues were explored by Caroline, Tony, Loren, John and others and by the end of month most had been resolved. Projectors have been located, licenses have been secured for showing movies and transmitting sound as has a popcorn machine. Tests at the BOR site will be conducted and details of the event will be finalized in the next few weeks.

Guest Speakers Featured at Two Meetings

Two guest speakers were featured this month: Barre Chief of Police Tim Bombardier and Emily Gould, a member of the Montpelier Rotary Club.

Chief Bombardier’s remarks focused on the Street Crimes Unit of the Barre Police Department.  He pointed out how easy it is to get drugs in cities in the northeast and sell them in Vermont. Officers work mainly in homes and in hotels rather than the streets. He reported that there has been a 46% drop in calls for assistance at Highgate, and overall, domestic and simple assaults and burglaries are down. In an answer to a question, he said that you can’t put a face on drug sellers and buyers, but you can put a face on addicts. The unit has the services of a social worker and soon a mental health clinician will be added to the unit. The Chief sounded optimistic about the future of this unit and he is expecting to see more positive results.


Emily Gould, a lawyer, mediator and professor, spoke about a $70,000 grant that the Montpelier club received for international peacebuilding from Rotary International. She talked about her first connection with Rwanda in the nineties and then later in 2011 when she first traveled to Rwanda to work with peacebuilders.  The grant is being used to support improvements to a peace center which serves those who have been traumatized by the genocide. She spoke with passion and compassion about the Rwandan people and especially the mediators who do such important work. A Barre Rotarian pointed out that Emily recently received the Donald McCrea Peace Award for Rotary Zones 24 & 32. Well deserved, to be sure.


Earle’s Pearls

  • Caroline announced that the district has received a grant for PPE (masks and gloves). Clubs can submit requests. She suggested that we provide masks to schools. It was decided to give 800 masks to the Barre Unified Union School District. 
  • She also reported on a project in New York to make use of the milk that is being thrown away by farmers. Working with a manufacturer, yogurt has been made from the milk and then distributed to foodbanks. This could be a future project for our club.


Conversation Results in Action

There was a thoughtful and intelligent conversation about current social issues with various viewpoints expressed and listened to with understanding. The result was an idea advanced for a joint services dinner recognizing the contributions of leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement, law enforcement officers and healthcare workers. Loren and Joe Preddy reported that the interest of the service clubs in the dinner has waned and this could spark a resurgence of participation. Probably an in-person event is not possible, but the recognition of those leaders would be publicized. Joe and Loren will follow up and contact the other service clubs and work out some of the organizational details.

Since Last We Met

Birthdays : Loren Polk               July 17

                  William Rossi          July 9        


Club Anniversaries: Rebecca Duranleau     5 years    July 1

                                Tom Babic                   39 years   July 21

                                Reta Sanders                2 years     July 11 

                                Edmond Rousse          20 years    July 31

In July in history: 1867--Canadian Independence 

2005--Last Ford Thunderbird produced

1991--Jefffrey Dahmer is caught

1934--John Dillinger is gunned down

1885--The statue of Liberty arrives in New York Harbour

1972--Watergate burglars are arrested


Odds and Ends


  • Karl reviewed his fundraising idea for “cats, dogs and race cars” and was given the green light to seek out sponsors and report back to the club on his efforts.

  • A program committee has been formed with Bruce, Eddie and Joe Shadroui serving to bring us dynamic speakers in the near future. 

  • GenRotary is interested in sprucing up Rotary Park. The club will work with them to develop a punch list of what needs to be done. 

  • Ted reported that dues are coming in with a few members yet to pay.


Until next time, that’s all folks…...
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