The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
Granite Chips January 10, 2023
January 10, 2024
Gratitude and Silence
After twelve Rotarians and three guests recited the Pledge of Allegiance, President Eddie asked Caroline to express gratitude: individuals around the table, in the district, of the foundation and in the world aspire to be the best with heart and hands in service of others. Nicole asked for a moment of silence in remembrance for the members of a polio immunization team, who vaccinating children in Iran, were recently killed by Islamic extremists.
Guests: Nick Marinelli, Linda Babic and Kreig Pinkham
Dollars--Happy and Others
Caroline gave a Happy Dollar for the seminar she and Jim attended on membership. The speaker was Louisa Horne who delivered her material with passion and enthusiasm. She provided her audience with a plethora of ideas to “make our club irresistible.” She gave another one for Angelina and the newest future Rotarian who will be making an appearance in March.
Joe gave a Happy Dollar because Linda Babic’s Christmas cards, featuring family members, were clearly identified by name. Somewhat of a rarity, Joe noted.
Angelina offered a Happy Dollar noting that her first class at Good Beginnings was an excellent experience. 
Nicole added to the coffers with a Happy Dollar for a teenager of a homeless family with whom she developed a special relationship and is going to Tanzania with her group in 2025.  She gave another one because Angelina attended the Introduction to Parenthood class at Good Beginnings. She then added A couple more for the coffers noting that she welcomed committee members for Pie for Brunch and for Community Grants.
Joe was back with a dollar in announcing that he has a part in Hedding Church’s upcoming “who done it” mystery play. He also gave two dollars for polio and encouraged others to do the same.
President Eddie did just that with a dollar going to polio and another for his travel adventures.
Caroline announced that Emily Stephens has submitted an application for membership in the Barre Rotary Club. She is married to Jeremy Stephens and they have two children, Lena and Riley.  She enjoys camping, hiking and photography.  She would like to join the Barre Rotary Club to be involved in the community and  the many projects sponsored by the club. She notes that our members have been welcoming and fun and she would like to spend more time around them.
She will bring her ability to help organize events and with her understanding of social media she would be willing to post content on our web pages.
This constitutes the first reading of her application. Her classification is: Real Estate-Residential.
President Eddie is pursuing an opportunity to operate the concession stand at the BOR. We would have to staff it at events scheduled for the rest of the winter season. The profits would all go to our club. More details to follow.
He also announced the following financial information: $51,000 in our foundation account; $32,560 in the checking account; and $28,646.85 netted from the Barre Art Splash.
Since Last We Met
Birthday: Karl Rinker  January 7, 2024
Club anniversaries: Tim Boltin  January 7, 2024  2 years
Butch Churchill  January 8, 2024  21 years
On this day in history: In 1941 American folk singer and political activist Joan Baez, who was at the forefront of the 1960s folk music revival, was born in Staten Island, New York.
On this day in history: In 2001 Apple introduced  iTunes, a digital media player application that, with the year's later debut of the iPod, revolutionized digital music.
A Revised Constitution
Secretary Jim introduced Caroline Earle to present the revised Constitution of the Barre Rotary Club . She explained the difference between a constitution and bylaws noting that the constitution is a set of broad principles and the bylaws are more directly geared toward the operation of the club. It also conforms to the Standard Club Constitution of Rotary International. 
After a couple of questions, Tony moved and Nicole seconded that the Constitution of the Barre Rotary Club be adopted. By voice vote, the motion was carried unanimously. 
Services for Youth
Caroline was called on to introduce Kreig Pinkham, Executive Director of Elevate Youth Services (formerly Washington County Youth Services Bureau.)
Kreig has worked in the field of youth-care for over twenty-five years as an educator, a direct service care provider and an administrator and trainer.  He has served on the Board of Directors of the National Network for Youth and chaired that body’s National Council on Youth Policy.
He has been appointed by bi-partisan Governors to serve on Vermont’s State Advisory Group on Juvenile Justice and chaired that body for 15 years until 2022.  Additionally, he served as the appointed Vermont Representative to the Federal Advisory Council on Juvenile Justice. Kreig is a recognized leader in the field of youth work who has directly influenced two generations of youth policy spanning child welfare, juvenile justice and primary prevention. In addition to his work in the youth care field, Kreig is a National Association of Underwater Instructors’ certified scuba instructor who spends as much of his free time underwater as possible.
The mission of Elevate is to promote safety, competence and confidence as youth create their path through adolescence and into adulthood. Elevate supports youth who have experienced a variety of adverse and high risk experiences. 
Elevate serves Washington County and focuses exclusively on the unique needs of youth 12-26 offering, among others: counseling; substance abuse use treatment; homeless prevention and housing services; residential programming; and opportunities for safe recreation, peer connection and skills building.  
Elevate operates with a budget of $5,500,000 with approximately half going to statewide youth services. There is a staff of thirty two youth service professionals. Its main office is located within the Green Mountain Community Wellness facility on Granger Road, a residential program in Barre, a teen center in Montpelier and an emergency shelter and apartments in Montpelier for homeless youth.
Among Elevates programs are the basement teen center in Montpelier, transitional living, health youth, and youth development. Elevate is also involved with the Statewide Youth Development Program and Vermont Coalition of Runaway and Homeless Youth Program.
Kreig is very excited about new and comprehensive data that has been collected and will continue to be collected in the future. Analysis of the  newly collected data will have an impact on care, staff and program information for agency improvement. He provided us with data on several areas, such as the number of youth served, age of youth served, services to low income clients, self development, positive sense of self, positive values and engagement. 
Kreig is stepping down as Executive Director and hopes that Elevate will continue to grow, that there is a renewed commitment to solutions to youth homelessness and that a new Executive Director leads Elevate into a new future.
Kreig’s presentation was packed with information and delivered with compassion and understanding. In appreciation, Rotarians and guests gave him a warm round of applause.
Until next time, that's all Rotarians.....
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