The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
Time to Wrap
Fines are Back Sans Tony
Rituals had been completed and we had helped ourselves to the buffet du jour, when President Liane rose to announce that Bob Houle had joined fifteen Barre Rotarians for today’s meeting. She then read some of the letters that she had received from Barre Town Elementary School. A special thanks and a round of applause was extended to Joe and Elizabeth for their good work in distributing the atlases and dictionaries. Joe reported that in a conversation that he had with a teacher that “hard copy” was still relevant; there is a misconception that every child has a laptop on his/her desk in the classroom.
Karl rose to propose a fine of one-and-nine on Tom for posing in a photo that Karl had found when cleaning out the archives in which Tom was wearing a shirt inscribed with “coach.” Karl asserted that he was never a coach. Tom countered that he was a coach back then for one of his children’s sports team. Caroline added to his defense by reminding us that every parent is a coach. Fine did not pass.
Caroline was next to propose a fine on all Barre Rotarians for not wearing a badge. Tom defended himself by accusing Tony (in absentia) of stealing his badge; Liane pointed out that she was wearing a scarf and had no to place to display her badge; and George used “old age” as an excuse. None of them held water and the fine passed. Ted dutifully collected the cash.
Karl rose once again to propose a fine on Caroline for wearing a ski sweater although she has not been skiing yet this season. Caroline, in eying what Karl was wearing, muttered something to the effect that he was in no position to make a fashion statement. (Check out the picture and judge for yourself.)  She said that she took pride in sporting her fleece; Tom added that he thought it looked spiffy; and Scott warned us not to go down the slippery slope of fashion commentary. Fine did not pass.
John gave a Sad Dollar because it had been seven days and he had not received something from Amazon and, furthermore, he received a notice that the delivery couldn’t be made because of the inability to access to the building.
Tom proposed a fine of one-and-nine on Karl for losing motions of two proposed fines. Karl interjected with amendment, proposing a fine on Scott for wearing his belt to the left of center. He went on to explain that in his younger days when he pumped gas, he wore his belt to the left so that the buckle wouldn’t scratch the car. Scott again warned us about the slippery slope of fashion commentary and he then told his story.  Once upon time when he was a little boy, he loved playing “cowboys” and because the buckle pinched his sensitive little tummy, he wore the buckle on the left side of his body.  After he discovered girls, his attention was diverted and he stopped playing “cowboys,” but to remember those happy days and that little kid, he vowed to always wear his belt to the left. (See what happens when there is no speaker and you have idle time?) Fine and amendment passed.
On Saturday, December 15th Barre and Central Vermont Rotarians, Central Vermont Young Professionals, family and friends collaborated to wrap 160 boxes of coats, hats, mittens and gloves for those in need. After a mini-concert by  five former "Rotabarrians" and enjoying pizza and pot luck, those in attendance formed a bucket brigade and loaded the boxes on the Salvation Army truck ready for delivery. Check out the wall of boxes behind the “wrappers” in the photo below.
Odds and Ends and THE END
Karl let us hear a robo call that he received and then paid the automatic fine. Eddie gave a Sad Dollar because he and his family had to “put the dog down” and another because the Patriots lost to Miami.
We voted to make a donation of $250.00 to the Granite Museum for their generosity in providing space for the Santa Fund Wrap and the Annual Holiday Party.
Volunteers are needed at the Aldrich Public Library on December 21-22 and 26-28 to move books. Contact Loren Polk at the Library.
Committee Sign-Up sheets will be available at this week’s meeting. Please think about which of the committees you would like to join.
  • Club Service Committee (Facebook, website, Granite Chips, public image/relations, and determine what charities receive our funds in specific fundraising events, thank you notes)
  • Community Service Committee (spearheads club’s involvement with community, plus our own members initiatives throughout the year)
  • Membership Committee (focused on new members, classification talks, fireside chats, retention, inductions)
  • Foundation Committee (foundation information to club, grants, club participation in foundation)
  •  Youth Committee (Interact, Earlyact, International youth exchange, local youth service projects)
That's all for now folks.....
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