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Granite Chips
The Mural 
“You Can Quote Me”
The meeting with twelve Rotarians and four guests began with President Eddie fining Tony for talking during the “invocation” aka “gratitude.” Defending his actions, Tony said he was only trying to give President Eddie the “hairy eyeball” for not turning off his phone. Coming to Tony’s defense, Caroline said “she was used to people talking over her.”  Fine did not pass. Next up, Karl, with “Pass the gavel.” Invoking Robert’s Rules of Order, in the absence of Bob Pope, he proposed a fine of one-and-nineteen on President Eddie for fining followed with a ruling. “No can do” said Karl. “New to me” as a defense didn’t cut it and the fine passed.
Rousse’s Revelations
  • President Eddie revealed that Mercedes Benz locks their facilities during car repairs.
  • He thanked John for filling in for him last week.
  • He announced that he had two Norwich University hockey season tickets. Let him know if you are interested.
  • Bruce, John, and he will survey cleaning, painting and construction needs at the Wheelock House closet after today’s meeting.
  • Norwich’s Rotaract Club will be helping with those activities on Saturday, November 2nd.
  • Plans are still underway to have a wine pairing event in January or February.
  • Barre City has been named, in a recent Reader’s Digest article, a finalist as Nicest Place in Vermont as part of Nicest Places in America 2019.
Since Last We Met
Bruce announced that John Pandolfo celebrated a birthday on October 21st and Bertil celebrated a membership anniversary of 28 years on the same day.
On this Day in History: Brutus dies by suicide in 42 BC.
Nothing but Happiness
Bertil gave a Happy Dollar for his enjoyment of a sailing experience in Sardinia and travels in Portugal.  John gave a Happy Dollar as he encouraged us to attend Spaulding’s Drama Club’s (His daughter is a member.) production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged).   Caroline gave two Happy Dollars: one because the “Paletteers are here!” and another for being nominated for the Vermont ATHENA Leadership Award. Joe gave a Happy Dollar for the happiness of the success of the Lebanese Cultural Event, noting an attendance figure of 235.  President Eddie gave a Happy Dollar in recognition of his daughter and the field hockey team’s participation in a playoff game. George gave several Happy Dollars as an original Paletteer in congratulating the group for their excellent work on the mural.
The Paletteers of Vermont
Caroline introduced John Landy of the Paletteers of Vermont. The Paletteers of Vermont was formed in Barre, Vermont in 1957. For over 60 years they have displayed local art and artists in Downtown Barre, the Barre Auditorium, and even in Montpelier City Hall for a few years.
John introduced the other Paletteers in attendance: Clara Geist, Jan Avery, Linda Kiniry and John Weaver.  He then began his talk by providing some statistics on the Summer Street Mural Project: 73 individuals worked on the project; 90% of the painting was done by the Paletteers; and it took 700 hours to complete. He described the process which stimulated a discussion on documenting the project on video. He said that the Paletteers had fun and enjoyed the entire experience and he thanked Barre Rotary for the opportunity.
He presented slides showing art being displayed in downtown Barre on a snow fence which started in July 1957. There have been 62 years of art exhibits. There are usually three exhibits, but this year they have had five.  
Membership is open to all who do art, are supporters of art and are willing to actively participate in volunteer activities. Venues for shows include the Aldrich Public Library, Vermont Granite Museum, Wood Art Gallery and Montpelier Senior Center.
John went on to enumerate the benefits of membership:
  • Participation in multiple annual shows
  • Increased opportunities to exhibit your work
  • Educational events
  • Membership website to promote your artworks
  • Membership web page to list sites and events exhibiting your work
  • Opportunities to share your skills to the artist community
They give $1000 a scholarship each year for those pursuing art in college. They are reviewing the practice and, in lieu of the scholarship, offering art classes to those who can’t afford them. 
The End 
The meeting ended with a Happy Dollar from Joe, happy that the Paletteers of Vermont still exists and that a painting of his aunt, an original Paletteer, is hanging on a wall at Dick Shadroui’s home. George announced that original music that he has composed with be featured in a concert on January 12th
Until next time...that's all folks.
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