The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
May Club Assembly

Song and Dance
As fourteen Rotarians were dining, most on salmon and veggies, Joe led us in singing Bye Bye Blackbird with moves to match the lyrics. Tom was so impressed that he gave a Happy Dollar for Joe’s performance. Bruce was called upon next to give us his weekly report. 
Since Last We Met
Birthdays: Carol Dawes  May 21
Club Anniversaries: George Milne  May 19  63 years
On this day in history: 1787 The Constitutional Convention begins.
1935 Babe Ruth hits his last home run.
Assembly Interruptus  

Joe threw two Happy Dollars into the basket for being happy to be here after spending four hours in the ER with a kidney stone diagnosis. Eddie added another in announcing an upcoming family vacation in the Cayman Islands. Then Ted tossed in a dollar for missing last week’s meeting. Loren gave a couple of Happy Dollars in the joy she will experience in painting goose eggs (sans whites and yolks) and for the happiness that her daughter has been accepted at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Yours truly gave another in announcing that my wife Ginny’s hip surgery seems to have been successful.
Club Assembly
Old Business:
      a) Nicole asked for approval of the minutes which had been published in Granite Chips and sent in a recent email. Tom moved and Eddie seconded that              the April Club Assembly Minutes be approved. Motion passed unanimously.
      b) Ted reported on the status of donation allocations. Checks have been sent and responses are being forwarded to President Tony.
      c) Eddie announced that Sue Poczobut will assume her supervisory duties at the breakfast. There will be a cleaning station with supplies and separate                  recycle and trash receptacles this year. Ideas for recruiting members were discussed including a Rotary Impact Map.
      d) Nicole reported that she is in negotiation with Pearl Street Pizza as the venue of the Changeover Dinner. 
      e) Caroline reported that she will send an email requesting members to sign up for providing baked goods to be sold at the Snack Shack at the District Changeover Event. She  also announced that early registrants for the Event will receive a Goody Bag and she asked members to solicit donations from local merchants. She told us of a tradition that the DG banner is presented by someone from our Club, most likely the incoming President  who would also say a few works about her.
New Business:
 a) Nicole presented, for discussion and feedback, a draft of the 2022-23 budget. It will be voted on prior to the Changeover Dinner. Both the operation and service budgets were presented with questions and considerations. 
b) The 2022-23 calendar of events will be presented in the near future.
c) Ideas were discussed regarding the five Rotary chairs that we have donated at the Barre Opera House. In general, the consensus was to label one chair the Rotary Club of Barre Established 1924 and each of the others would have one the Four Way Test axioms.  
d) After a brief discussion of the need for new grills, Caroline moved and Eddie seconded the motion to approve the purchase of two new grills. Motion passed unanimously.
e) Ted reported that Spaulding Interact would prefer T-shirts over vests. After a brief discussion, it was decided to give a donation to Interact and let them choose how to use it.
f) Karl will host a steak feed on August 3rd and Nicole sought interest from those present. Since the interest was overwhelmly high, the event is on. Mark your calendars!
Respectfully submitted,
James E. Catone, Editor
Until next time, that's all folks,,,,


Club Information
We meet every Wednesday at
12:00 Noon at Post 10 of
The American Legion,
320 North Main Street,
Barre, VT.
Call 802.479.9058 for more information,
or to email President Tony Campos please 
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