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With rituals completed, fifteen Barre Rotarians and two guests helped themselves to a buffet of spinach salad, soup, squash, biscuits and apple crisp.(In an act of altruism President Liane did not partake until she was sure that there was enough food since not all in attendance had “RSVPed” in the affirmative that they were coming and having lunch.)  John was first up with a Happy Dollar and a Sad Dollar: one because he didn’t win the election and one because he didn’t win the election. Caroline announced that she would give a cookie leftover from the Annual Ball to anyone who contributes a dollar to the coffers. Karl proposed a fine of one-and-nine on Bruce for parking in a handicapped space. Bruce defending himself by saying that he didn’t see the sign since he backed into the space. Fine passed. John proposed a fine of one-and-nine on Tony for not righting his campaign sign when the wind blew it over. Tony defended his action by saying that all the signs in front of his business blew over and he was providing equal opportunity for not righting any of them (not sure what that means). It was suggested that he should have “picked up” everyone’s sign. Did not pass. Karl proposed a fine on everyone who had not read about today’s speaker on our website. Tony objected, noting that since President Liane’s email was so thorough regarding the speaker, one did not need to read what was on the website. He added that it was a good website and Karl did a good job maintaining it. There was never a vote, but two Rotarians gave up dollars to the basket. Joe rose to fine himself because he didn’t know we had a website and did not receive email from President Liane. It seems that when he sold his business, the email went with the sale. Rectification will take place soon. There was a brief discussion of thank you notes: they will be sent to contributors to the silent auction and the sponsors the Annual Ball.  “Fining Tony” was on his feet again and proposing of fine of one-and-nine on John for not hanging the banners. With no defense the fine easily passed. Caroline rose to commend Dr. Steinman (aka John) for running for office. She went on to praise our democracy and its peaceful transition, our respect for the rule of law and the record voter turnout. Her oratory netted five dollars for the coffers. Thank you, Caroline. Karl rose and read Joe’s information from our website. Bob Houle was introduced as a guest of John’s.
Dictionary and Atlas Distribution
Elizabeth LaPerle announced the dates for dictionary/atlas distribution. Please feel to join her and Joe for this annual event.
Monday, November 19th
Barre Town Middle and Elementary School-Library on the second floor
8:30 and 8:45-5th grade book distribution
9:00 and 9:15-3rd grade book distribution
Barre City Middle and Elementary School
9:45-5th grade book distribution-in their POD area-5th grade
Good Beginnings
President Liane introduced our speaker, Gretchen Elias. Here is her presentation.
My name is Gretchen Elias and I’m the Executive Director of Good Beginnings of Central Vermont. 
Your focus this month is HEALTH, which is great, because I’m planning to talk about the health and well being of families at a critical phase in the parenting journey - during those first few weeks and months after the arrival of a new baby.
Between 500 and 600 babies are born each year in Washington County. 
How many of you are parents?  You know how intense this stage of parenting can be.  It’s isolating. You’re exhausted, overwhelmed. Even the smallest, simplest task can seem impossible.  And all of that is true even under the best of circumstances! We also know that many, many families are navigating this stage of parenting in anything but the best of circumstances.
Now consider this - at least 1 in 7 women experience postpartum depression. It’s actually the most common complication of childbirth.  The number is probably even higher than that, because there’s a lot of shame still in admitting that you aren’t happy after you become a mom or a dad.  So many parents suffer in silence.
What does that look like for the parent - and the baby? Especially if you are home alone with a colicky newborn, at the end of a dirt road in January in Vermont with no adult company until partner comes home at 6 pm - well after dark?
That’s where Good Beginnings comes in.
Our mission is to bring community to families and their babies.  For 25 years, all services are free, anyone with a new baby is eligible.
Our core program, the Postpartum Angel program, literally brings community to that isolated parent home alone with a newborn.  We match families with a trained volunteer - often someone from their own town or community - who visits the family weekly for up to 12 weeks after the birth or adoption of a new baby.
The volunteer provides respite and support, an extra pair of helping hands, a listening ear, and adult companionship.  She helps parents get out of the house - accompanies parents to well baby visits or on that first outing to a play group or story time.  Our volunteers are also equipped to connect families to a range of community resources, services, and programs depending on their needs. We train our volunteers on the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression.
We also know that this service is not always the best or the only way for families to access support.  Over the past 5 years, Good Beginnings has expanded to provide other community-based services that complement our in-home respite program.
  • Our early parenting workshops are geared at expectant parents - helping them prepare for life with a new baby, including things like building their support network, and self care
  • Babywearing support and free carriers
  • Our Nest parent drop-in space is designed to be a welcoming first outing for parents with infants, and each January we organize a Winter Warming Party for families who are entering their first winter with an infant
  • Through an exciting new affiliation with Postpartum Support International, we’re helping to increase awareness about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) as well as expand access to support by staffing their warm line in Central Vermont.
  • We hosted a Climb Out of the Darkness (an annual PSI awareness-raising event and fundraiser) and one of the outcomes was formation of a new Perinatal Mental Health Coalition.
That’s an overview of our programming with respect to PMH.  I also wanted to talk briefly about something new we’ve been doing here in the City of Barre - initially as part of the Barre Promise community.  We recently received a VT Community Foundation SPARK! Grant to continue and expand to twice a month.
Barre Mama’s Circle
  • Replicate our weekly Mama’s Circle gathering that happens on Wednesdays at the Nest, but at a location more convenient for Barre families
  • Based on feedback from Barre community - as part of the Promise Community process - about the need for more low cost, high quality activities for families with young children
  • Launched fall of 2017 with a mom from Barre as a volunteer facilitator
  • 15 area families have attended - many of them come monthly.  In fact request for email reminders.
  • Recently secured funding - through a SPARK grant and two corporate sponsors - to add a second meeting.  This one will be an evening meeting and will include dinner.
Background on Promise Community Barre: 
  • Original impetus was a federal grant opportunity geared at improving QOL for families with children 0-6.  After a year of discussion and community consultations, a group of organizations submitted a proposal in early 2017.  Grant  awarded in May 2017.
  • Aldrich, Capstone, FCWC, PCAV, GB, Barre REc, Friends of Mathewson, SPA
  • Lion’s share of that grant is going to the very exciting renovation of the children’s room at Aldrich
  • Equally important: new level of collaboration and coordination among organizations.
  • Other partners used grant to pilot new activities / new ways of working with each other
  • What Good Beginnings did:  15 different families attend the Barre Mama’s Circle, many of them are regular attendees. 
  • Longstanding benefits:
    • New partnerships that enable us to bring the benefits of babywearing to families who wouldn’t otherwise have that opportunity.
    • Access to space via Rec Dept, use of Brook Street School facility
    • Close coordination - continued joint planning
Responding to a question of why she was here, she asked us to spread the word, consider volunteering and making a donation to her organization. Gretchen’s presentation was peppered with questions from the assembled Rotarians and illustrated by great photographs. Appreciation was expressed with a sustained round of applause at its conclusion.
Until next time, that's all folks......
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