The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
Granite Chips   June 12, 2024
Express Yourself
President  Eddie led us in the recitation of the  Pledge of Allegiance and Joe expressed thanks for “being here,” good health, the nice weather and the food that we were about to eat.
Caroline rose to express a Mea Culpa for hoarding Claire Duke’s Blue Binder which she recently found. With regret she gave $10 in recompense. 
President Eddie expressed pleasure with two Happy Dollars: one for the well attended fundraiser for Home Health and Hospice; and another for his brother being in Pinehurst. 
Tony added two more as he expressed happiness over the birth of his son---31 years ago and for his upcoming visit in Burbank, CA via San Jose (Do you know the way, Tony? inquired Patrick).
Tom rose with a Happy Dollar and another birthday notice of his and Linda’s  #3 son.
Expressing support for our club, visiting Rotarian Dan Coyne added $20 to the coffers. When he asked for advice on where to get the best creemee, he was deluged with recommendations by Barre Rotarians expressing their favorite venues where one can enjoy one of Vermont’s signature dishes. The maple creemee came highly recommended.
Caroline was back expressing happiness with three Happy Dollars: a wonderful visioning meeting with Nicole and Jim; receiving the charter for Gamers for Good at the District Conference; and the volunteer spirit of teens and young people.
Joe expressed his pleasure with Happy Dollars: watching the movie Stonewall at the Savory as part of the Montpelier Pride Queer Film Festival; Kristin prominently displaying “banned” books in the library; and being in Barre.
Tony returned with a Happy Dollar because he saw Angelina and Adam’s baby.
Oral Expression
President Eddie announced that revised bylaws are now available on our website thanks to Karl. He also noted the good discussion that took place at Rotary Park on the paving project. 
Tony announced that a donation of $26.50 (the initial donation made in 1917) to the Rotary Foundation is being sought from everyone in the club. The goal is 100% participation.
A voice told us that Ted and Caroline are working on a revised meal payment plan.
We were admonished to remember to buy the Bloomin’ 4 Good Bouquet at Hannaford this month. For each one sold, a dollar goes to our club.
Caroline reminded us to donate small-sized toiletries which will be packaged and given to the Rainbow Bridge Community Center and Good Samaitain Haven.
Nicole announced that she is donating a new basket from Tanzania for fines and dollars for a quid pro quo to present an update on the Upendo Mmoja Project at a future meeting.
Dan Coyne talked about the work that he and the organization that he is with, Mennonite Disaster Service are doing in Barre. They are engaged in minor repair work such as floors and countertops, maybe a bedroom or two. If you would like to volunteer (especially in need of truck drivers), here is Dan’s contact information:
Patrick informed us that a volunteer sheet for the Aldrich Public Library Rotary Breakfast on our website. All members have been sent instructions on how to access it. Sign up today!
Nicole reported that the service goals section of the strategic plan will be discussed at next week’s Club Assembly. They will be sent to members in advance for review.
Riley Gets a Badge
A loyal attendee of our meetings, often wearing her mother’s name badge, Riley Stephens was presented with her very own by Tony. Her classification: “Being a Kid.” Congratulations Riley.
Since Last We Met
No birthdays or anniversaries.
On this day in history: In 2003 American actor Gregory Peck—who often portrayed characters of honesty and integrity, most notably Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)—died at age 87.
On this day in history: 1987, as he stood at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, U.S. President Ronald Reagan famously entreated the Soviet leader, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”
Club Goals for 2024-2025
President-elect Caroline presented goals for her year as president using a model provided by Rotary Club Central. The club selects goals in four areas: increase our impact; expand our reach; enhance participant engagement; and increase our ability to adapt. Caroline reviewed each goal selected and solicited feedback from members and revised the goal based on the responses that she received. Engagement in the process was high and the rationale for altering a goal was well thought out. The goals will be published and progress toward achievement will be monitored throughout the year.

Until next time....that's all Rotarians.
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Barre, VT
Service above self!
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