The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
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Barre, VT 05641
Club Assembly and the Usual Shenanigans 
Election Dominates Over Fines and Dollars
With rituals completed, eleven Rotarians sat down to a lunch of cold cuts, soup, salad and cookies. President Caroline took the floor and offered two Happy Dollars. One because of the goodness shown by a stranger and an acquaintance  in helping her daughter to get her car out of a snow bank after sliding on black ice; and another in welcoming Sam and Eddie, our newest members. Liane was next and proposed a fine on me for leading the singing of America the Beautiful at an impossibly high pitch. I pleaded no contest. Fine passed. Bertil rose and gave a Sad Dollar lamenting the dissolution of the Rotabarrians; in his remarks he noted some of the venues where they had performed in the past.
Next on the docket was the election of next year’s slate of officers. In presenting the slate, President Caroline noted two important vacancies and asked those assembled to consider filling one of them. Eddie volunteered to take the vice president’s slot. Bob moved and Tony seconded that Eddie be added to the slate of officers for 2018-2019. Motion passed unanimously. The slate was presented as follows:
President: Liane Martinelli
Vice President: Eddie Rousse
Secretary: Sarah Costa
Treasurer: Caroline Earle
Immediate Past President: Caroline Earle
Bob moved and Tony seconded that the slate be approved. Motion passed unanimously.
Rascals at the West End of the Table Derail Two Reports
President Caroline called on Elizabeth for a treasurer’s report. She explained about timing; donation commitment; funds reserved for future giving; and funds already given. President Caroline referred to a handout which showed these categories and announced that funds had been reserved for next year’s donations. Interpreting a recent financial report by Tony, he insinuated that fines were down from last year and that is because of his lack of attendance at meetings. President Caroline noted just the opposite; that fines were up.  Bob interjected that President Caroline had set a low self-serving goal for funds raised and donated and then went on scolding her for not setting a goal that reflected a reach…a stretch. He proposed a fine of one-and-nine on her for such action.  President Caroline defended herself by noting that over $13,000 had been raised in the last three years through the Annual Rotary Ball. Liane chimed in expressing appreciation for money in coffers which will help the solvency of her presidential reign.  (If this paragraph seems to lack coherency, it is not my fault.) Fine did not pass. Finally, the report: We have given $3,996 and have reserved $2,125 for future donations.
President Caroline asked Bob to give an updated report on the Pathways to Accessibility Project.  Bob acquiesced to Eddie who made a plea for donating granite “restroom” and “pantry” signs at the Granite Museum. Not to be left on the sidelines, Tony interjected with comments about recognizing Barre Rotary on the signs. Bob provided Eddie with the phone number of the person to contact who would be making the signs. Finally back to the illusive update: Swenson will be donating granite pavers to the project at the appropriate time.  No word on the signs of which I am aware.
Following the Lead in Seville (1492), the Second Era of Exploration is Launched in Barre
President Caroline then presented two possible new activities. One involves co-sponsoring, with Spaulding and U-32 and Central Vermont Rotary, a play about substance abuse with a group of recovering addicts playing the roles. The other project involves a collaborative effort with Berlin Elementary School, Central Vermont Rotary and perhaps the Central Vermont Young Professionals to purchase and plant fruit trees at a community orchard started by Berlin teacher Cindy Gauthier. Those assembled encouraged her to explore both of these projects. On that note President Caroline rang the bell to end the meeting and set sail to explore her new worlds of theater and fruit trees.
‘til next time, that’s all folks
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