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December with Barre Rotary
Happy New Year, Barre Rotarians and Friends!
December is a busy time for all of us, but Barre Rotary met three times in the closing month of 2019. For all the updates on our final meetings of the year, read more below!
12/04/2019 Barre Rotary Meeting:
The Drama of a Dollar
Fines and festive dollars sparked discussion and celebration at the start of the first December meeting. Tony issued a fine to Tom for a comment deemed unneccesary for the good of the order, and Karl added a second fine to Caroline Earl for “impersonating Alanis Morissette”. John Steinman followed with a fine to everyone for feeble singing at the open of the meeting.
A Happy Dollar was offered for the thoughtful words offered in the opening prayer from Caroline. John then shared his son, Jeffrey, was appointed to an RA position for the year, offering him $13,000 for his schooling. Caroline finished the Happy Dollars with the recovery of her daughter, Lydia, after a tonsillectomy and subsequent discovery of her penicillin allergy.
Rotary Business
The Dictionary Project is moving forward, and $1530 has been approved for the purchase of materials. The first distribution will be in January.
Rotarians discussed the idea of placing an ad in conference materials, to both support the district conference and promote the Barre Rotary group. The wall mural project was suggested as a great story to highlight Barre.
Caroline spoke of the Friendship Room, which displays projects for various Rotary clubs. This would be another opportunity to show the wall mural project. The conference will be at Jay Peak during the first week in May.
The Coin Drop was discussed, and Rotary has decided to apply to the City of Barre for a date to participate.
Finally, preparations for the Christmas wrapping project closed the meeting. This is a joint project with other Rotary clubs in Central Vermont, and a potluck will follow.
Caroline Earle provided notes for our second meeting of the month.  
12/11/19 Barre Rotary Meeting:
Happy Dollars Galore:
Caroline started off the cascade of happy dollars by offering three – one for her daughter’s recovery from her Freshman maladies, one for the holiday season, and one for the presentation by Doug Bullett. 
Tony followed, offering two happy dollars for his Power Red blood donation this same day.
John Steinman then followed with a happy dollar for the City Council coin drop, which raised $3,800 in four hours for kids toys in our community.
President’s Report:
President Eddie reminded everyone that we will not meet on 12/24 or 01/01, but we will meet at the Aldrich Library for our first meeting of the New Year on 01/08, at which time Barre Rotary will be presenting the library with the check from the Library Breakfast summer 2019.
Barre Rotary will be submitting an application for a coin drop to occur in Barre City – date to be determined – as a general fundraiser for the Club.
Ted and Reynolds & Son facilitated the donation of castors worth at least $250 to the Vermont Granite Museum, in appreciation for again hosting our Coat Wrap/Christmas Party and for hosting our mural project during winter 2019.
Other Announcements:
Karl announced the 12/12/19 Barre Partnership marketing event at the Barre Opera House.   
Secretary’s Report:
Dec 10th marked the wedding anniversary of John Steinman and his lovely bride.
Presentation by Doug Bullett – The Holy Land
Visiting Rotarian Doug Bullett was part of a recent church pilgrimage group to the Holy Land.  Doug first oriented us to the geography of the area and then shared striking pictures and education about this part of the world.  Doug debunked common misperceptions (e.g. Christ was born in a cave, rather than a wood manger, as wood was very scarce in that area of the world and was far more lucrative in the form of olive trees, and that Jesus was likely a craftsman in stone, rather than a carpenter as is more often depicted).  His breathtaking pictures and in-depth background information made for a riveting presentation.
Doug is to continue his presentation next week at our last meeting of the year.
12/18/2019 Barre Rotary Meeting :
The Drama of a Dollar
The meeting opened with a fine lobbied to Karl by Bob Pope regarding table placement. Bob has alleged Karl intentionally seeks to sequester Bob behind a post.
Doug Bullett offered a Happy Dollar for a wonderful meal and a Bon Voyage; he will be returning to Virginia before the next meeting.
A Christmas bonus was collected for the Legion and Delicate Decadence for their service at our meetings.
Bob Pope fined all not in Christmas/holiday attire, with healthy protest from Joe and John Steinman, who suggested his observance of Judaism should exempt him. It should be noted, Bob Pope himself wore black, and suggested this was to channel “his inner Scrooge”.
Ted offered two Happy Dollars in celebration of the Barre Rock Solid gala.
John fined Tom for using Ron Parnigoni’s name tag.
Finally, Karl fined everyone for not offering enough fines.
Rotary Business
President Rousse summarized and reviewed the previous week’s presentation, highlighting some of the points of information he had learned from the first week.
Jim Catone has been under the weather, and missed the last several meetings as a result. He will likely not return before his vacation, and wishes all a happy holiday.
Elizabeth has worked to coordinate the Barre City and Barre Town dictionary presentation. Dates have been arranged in December in Barre City and in early January in Barre Town. Ed encourages all Rotarians to come to these distributions in support of Rotary.
Caroline suggested an invitation to Rotary through Front Porch Forum, as the new year approaches and resolutions may include community work.
The Holy Land, Continued – Presentation by Doug Bullett
Doug continued sharing photos and stories of his adventures in the Holy Land. Some of the points of interest Doug spoke on include:
  • Sepphoris. The Roman capital during Jesus’ time.
  • Burqin. The site where Jesus healed ten lepers.
  • Jacob’s Well. The site where Jesus asked a Samaritan for water.
  • Masada. Ruins of the palace of King Herod, built into a mountain.
  • Dead Sea Scrolls. A cave, discovered by a Bedoin boy throwing rocks.
  • The Dead Sea. Located 1400 feet below sea level.
  • Western Wall.
  • Dome of the Rock.
  • Church of the Resurrection. Seven denominations manage this church and disagreements regularly ensue. A ladder has been placed outside a window since the 1970s.
  • Caeiphis. Jail cell where Jesus was believed to be held after he was arrested.
Finally, a reminder was offered to purchase tickets to Moruzzi’s New Year’s Eve party. This event will support the Family Center of Washington County.
Rotary did not meet on December 25th or January 1st, but 2020 is now here and we are kicking off the year in a big way! Hope you can join us on Wednesday, January 8th at Aldrich Public Library for our first meeting of the new year. We have lots of great news to share – Aldrich Trustees will be joining us as Rotary presents our Heritage Breakfast donation, and I (Loren) will offer a reader’s advisory to help you find your next favorite read.
Respectfully submitted,
Loren Polk
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Jan 29, 2020
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