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Granite Chips
Happy Dollars are Here Again
After fifteen Rotarians and three guests recited the The Pledge of Allegiance, Tony was up with a Happy Dollar excited over his design of the shirts    for the breakfast.
Bertil, home from his travels, presented a book to Art Zorn from the Anders Zorn Museum in Sweden. No relation. Caroline added three dollars to the coffers: seeing Goldfish; Bob Pope with two cookies; and Governor Phil Scott, the most popular governor in the US. Nicole added five dollars to the basket in announcing that her daughter turned five and she is traveling to Tanzania with her. Tony followed with more dollars in praising Nicole’s leadership, a safe and happy journey, thanks to Bertil and a contribution to polio. Joe piled more dollars into the basket while extolling the virtues of the Lost Nation’s production of The Addams Family performed at the beautiful Barre Opera House, helping a family who were victims of the flood,  and making a contribution to the polio fund.
Since Last We Met
Birthdays: Patrick Gardner  July 26
On this day in history: In 1956 the Italian passenger liner Andrea Doria sank after colliding with the Stockholm off the coast of Nantucket in the Atlantic Ocean; 51 people were killed.
On this day in history: In 1775 the U.S. Postal Service was established by the Second Continental Congress, and Benjamin Franklin was named the first postmaster general.
Guests: Tracy Lewis--Barre Partnership
Art Zorn
Fred Basha
Tom introduced our speaker, Caroline Earle, PLC
       What I Learned as District Governor
                     Caroline Earle, PLC
Never thought that I would be sympathetic to politicians – but up front I will share that presenting the same District Governor speech again, and again, and again, and trying to be fresh and inspiring and engaging again and again and again ... .it is hard.  
The only job harder was being one of the very first clubs to hear my DG presentation, and that was you.  
So I offer this speech as a small consolation prize for having listened to me present so early in my DG year. 
I have been asked to share a little bit of my DG journey with you –kept a diary of sorts – little blue book with my thoughts, club visit notes, etc… will share my lessons learned over the course of my 12 months as your DG. 
First, let’s set the stage:
  • The 2022-23 DG year would represent the first time most clubs would be returning to in person meetings.  Restarting the Rotary wheel.
  • Russia had invaded the Ukraine in February 2022
  • Our population was becoming more & more depressed – 300% increase in mental health issues in the US population coming out of the three year period of the pandemic.
  •  As of 2022, public trust in government was at historic lows, plunging from 75% to about 29%.  
Let’s just say that it was not Morning in America, as former President Ronald Reagan’s ad once famously declared.
Undaunted by these challenges, I set out to share some optimism, hopefully some inspiration, and a little vision to our District.
So here is a taste of what I learned as a DG: 
Even before our recent devastating flood here in Vermont, I learned that Mother Nature is not be ignored:  District Changeover 06/18/22:  
I learned that the job of inspiring folks is tough:  First Club Presentation – 07/06/22:  
I discovered that some clubs do small things that have a big impact:  Williston-Richmond Club:  08/25/22 – 
I was celebrated in some Clubs but in others, I was reminded that perhaps I was not the most important person in the room…Club that Shall Remain Unnamed:  09/08/22 
Some Clubs dispensed some excellent advice on humility… 09/23/22
Clubs grappled with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion & what that meant for them and their Club:   Also 09/23/22
I met a Club Rotarian who was a sweet echo of Dick Shadroui :  09/27/22 Newport’s own Viv Spates – virtuoso piano player – 
I learned that we don’t have to mince words when we talk about the need in this world:  09/28/22
Essex Rotary partnered with a non-profit by the very blunt name of “Feed My Starving Children” to raise money to address this cruel global reality.
I was reminded that one person (a subject matter expert, as President Eddie likes to say) can make a difference:  10/05/23 
Hanover, NH Rotarian Dick Podolec has made us one of only 20 Districts in the world that has an active and flourishing Rotary Friendship Exchange program.  This is his last year spearheading that program.  Who will take it over?  
I learned that always, always collaboration with other non-profits brings good things to Clubs:  10/19/22: 
CHS Club purchases a table for the summer months to promote their club and donates one out of every three weeks to a local non-profit to showcase their organization.
I learned that you can even find romance in Rotary … 11/09/22
And that was only ½ of my Rotary year.  
I learned some hard lessons too for our District & our Clubs:
  • We must grapple with the significant hierarchy of our Clubs & our District & how that is perceived by younger generations as unduly constraining, burdensome & unnecessary
  • We must grapple with the economics of our times, where hard data shows that the gap between rich and poor is growing & profound & whether that suggests that Rotary can be only for the wealthy.
  • As we increasingly face a world where pandemics and natural disasters are almost becoming routine, we must grapple with the stated intention that Rotary is not a relief organization but a recovery organization.  Should we be able to respond more quickly in such situations?  
  • We must be able to grapple with the question of how Rotary presents its value to our community members, now we present Rotary in a way that is integrated into our members’ lives, rather than a burdensome time drain. 
The opportunity to lead gives you an opportunity to experience the joy of Rotary at a higher level but also the unique perspective to see the challenges that confront us as an organization.  


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