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Tender Loving Homecare
The Rock of Gibraltar Spawns a Plethora of Fines, Happy and Sad Dollars
It wasn’t long after seventeen Rotarians sat down for the usual lunch that Dick rose to garner President Caroline’s attention and to propose a fine of one-and-nine on Tony for being rude and ignoring our president during the rituals. Standing on his chair, Tony defended his actions by showing us that he couldn’t see the flag because of David’s height and width. Scott suggested that he could have moved six inches to the left, but Tony countered by showing us that his nose would have touched the wall and he still would not be able to see the flag. Fine passed. Tony then rose, this time not on his chair, to propose a fine of one-and-nine on Ted for not doing his duties, specifically not passing the basket. He was busy counting money. Fine passed. David rose to object to being called a hulky object and proposed a fine to be split between Tony and Scott. Tony opined that being referred to as the Rock of Gibraltar was a compliment. Fine passed. Next,  Sara was on her feet to remind us of the field trip on December 6th to Downstreet and added five Happy Dollars as she happily announced that she is having a June baby. Doug Bullett offered a Happy Dollar for all for his family coming to Barre for Thanksgiving and a Sad Dollar for the lost of a Navy Greyhound aircraft. President Caroline passed the gavel to Liane and proceeded to propose a fine of one-and-nine on Tom for the annoying habit of crinkling of his bag of M&M’s while others were speaking. Uttering more a comment than a defense, Tom said his wife is always on him for this behavior. Labeling him as recalcitrant, President Caroline hammered the nail into the coffin. Fine passed.  Next up was Karl who gave a Happy Dollar for the shooting of buck by someone out of his camp, the first in years. Liane, hot on his heels, rose to add three Happy Dollars to the basket for a cardio workout, Rotary training and three final appearances as Mrs. Vermont International. David chimed in with a Sad Dollar in sympathy for the deer shot at Karl’s deer camp. Overwhelmed by the lack of attention, Tony interjected with a tragic Sad Dollar because he can’t be with us for the Wrap Party on December 9th since he will be filming and tasting food and beer at the von Trapp Bierhall in Stowe. [Our regular Wednesday meeting will take place on December 6th as usual.]  President Caroline ended the dollar frenzy with a Happy Dollar for something I didn’t catch.
Secretary’s Report                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Sam Markewich’s application for membership has been announced twice and he has now been approved as a member. Sue announced Ed Rouse’s application for membership, transferring from the Montpelier Rotary Club.  Also, introduced were our newest members Anita and Frank Hoy and our guest, although now almost a member of the family, Doug Bullett from Bon Air Rotary Club of Virginia.
Another Fine, the Wall, and One Last Fine
After a brief respite from fining, Tom proposed a fine of one-and-nine on President Caroline for calling Tony a heathen. No defense. Fine passed.
President Caroline called on Ted to give a report on the Summer Street Wall Project. He said that the wall will need preparation before painting to prevent moisture formation and that might be costly. He is going to check to see if it qualifies for a grant.
Back to fines: Tony proposed one on Liane for playing with a bag of potato chips while Ted was talking. Her rationale for doing so was that “she wanted Tom to know what it sounded like.”  With apologies, President Caroline reluctantly ruled that the vote to fine passed.
President Caroline called on Anita and Frank to report on the potluck planned for the Wrap Party on December 9th.  Planning is in the initial stages and they are working with David who will be soliciting food items from the members.
A Membership Moment, a Possible Venue Change and a Quiz
Scott presented another one of his membership metaphors. He asked us to notice that we were enjoying the last of small bags of M&M’s and he reported that he could no longer fined them. Short of packaging them himself, we would not be distributing them any longer. Metaphorically, he said that we took for granted that, like that potential member, they would last forever and we could ask that person anytime to join our club. Now is the time to invite someone to join. [Wonder how the metaphor will go without M&M’s?]
Sarah reported that she and Brenda continue to explore alternative venues which would include: free parking; good, healthy food; and centrally located.
Karl revived his website quiz by asking the question: What is the main picture? Tony responded and with some help from Sarah and Karl managed a complete answer. Not sure what he won.
[Special Announcement-- Address for Jack and Kathleen Barnes: 18 Leslie Lane, Harwich Port, MA 02646.]
Tender Loving Homecare
President Caroline introduced today’s speaker Roslyn Haldane, the owner of Tender Loving Homecare.
She bought an old run down 1890's Victorian house on Ayers Street that's being renovated into a three-floor respite house. The first floor will be for hospice and end of life care, the second floor will be for recovery assistance (pre-op/post-op, cancer treatments, etc.) and the third floor will be for true respite care, for those exhausted caregivers to bring their loved one so they can take a break and recharge. There will also be two family apartments attached to the building and those will be for families to stay for free when their loved one is receiving care from us. There is no age limitation on the house, any and all are welcomed and no one will be turned away whether they can pay or not. Tender Loving Respite House is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, and its team has worked with Lowe's Heroes Project (which has contributed $80,000) and will be working with Spaulding HS Students in the Tech program to make this vision a reality.  Partners include: Central Vermont Medical Center, the Nursing Department of Norwich University, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Mid-State Dodge, Vermont Mutual, Central Vermont Home Health and Hospice and Noyle W. Johnson.  Additionally, many businesses are donating rooms. Their goal is to raise $750,000. After a few questions, President Caroline presented Sara (employee of Tender Loving Care, Inc.) and Roslyn with a travel bottle of Rotary maple syrup in appreciation for the presentation together with a warm round of applause.
'till next time, that's all folks....
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