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Granite Chips
A Mixed Bag of Announcements, Fines and Dollars
With rituals completed, thirteen Rotarians sat down to a lunch of chili, salad and cupcakes. Bob was first on his feet to propose a fine of one-and-nine on Tony for leading our singing of America the Beautiful in an incorrect tempo, namely as a funeral dirge. Without much of a defense, the fine easily passed. Presiding President Eddie made the following announcements:
  • He will be working with Rita Sanders on our application for a 501 (c) (3).
  • We will apply to the National Life Foundation for a grant for the mural project.
  • Information about the speech contest has been sent to area schools. We will host the event and hold the competition in the evening. The theme this year is Service about Self.
John gave a Sad Dollar because the winter break is over and he had to take his son back to UVM. He also gave a Happy Dollar because Jeff helped move books at the Aldrich. A Sad Dollar accompanied the announcement of the death of Margaret Richie, George Milne’s sister. Tony announced the goal of 100% participation of this year’s Rotary Foundation giving.  Caroline proposed a fine of one-and-nine for all those not wearing badges. Bob tried to blame Ted for not handing them to members, pointing out that he was in the full service line at the money taking table. Fine passed. Tony gave a Happy Dollar in reporting that although the show that his son was writing for at Marvel Studios was cancelled, he was hired by Netflix. John proposed a fine of one-and-nine on Tony for abstaining on fine proposals. He defended his action by stating the reason that he does that is to gain attention so that he can be recognized in the minutes (aka Granite Chips). Evoking our Service about Self motto, John tacked on an amendment, noting that Tony’s rationale for abstaining was not in the spirit of the motto. Amendment did not pass, but the main motion did. (Go figure.)
Caroline introduced today’s speaker, Mike Lannen.
How to Skyrocket Your Website Leads
Mike Lannen is the Founder of Eternity, a Burlington and Barre, Vermont based web development and marketing firm. As an Eagle Scout, he is on a mission to make the web a better place by preparing his clients for the ever-changing landscape of the web. Developing and marketing a website can seem like a complex undertaking, but Mike and his crew make it easy with a step-by-step process with a focus on ROI. When he's not working closely with clients, Mike can be found spending time with his wife and two daughters.
He started his presentation with a brief history of Eternity’s founding. Motivated by his desire to stop eating ramen noodles, he acquired a critical mass of clients, dropped out of college and founded Eternity. Presently there is a staff of six in Barre and Burlington who work primarily with non-profits.  Eternity has crafted just under 700 websites in the past 18 years.
Mike next provided us with a couple of statistics.
  • 73% will leave a website in 8 seconds if they can’t find what they are looking for.
  • More than half searching the internet is done from a mobile device. 67% will leave the site if it is not mobile friendly.
He went on to discuss the four ways to skyrocket your website leads. His presentation included a link to resources for learning more about each of the topics. What follows is an outline of his presentation. Rotarians found it informative and interesting and after Mike’s concluding remarks, gave him a warm round of applause.
How to Skyrocket Your Website Leads       
  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Mobile Friendliness
  3. Content, Content
  4. Paid Advertising (PPC)
     1. Search Engine Optimization
  • Page Title
  • Page Description
  • Headlines
  • Content
  • Calls to Action
  • Local Optimization
Top 3 results in Google get 60% of the clicks
2. Mobile Friendliness
  • Attract More Visits
  • Increase Rankings
  • Retention
  • Conversion
  • Sharing
3. Content, Content, Content
  • Content is King
  • Write 1 Blog per Week
  • Integrate into Social Media
  • Generate More Leads
  • Battle your Competitors
4. Paid Advertising
  • Paid Search Ads
  • Google AdWords (Ads)
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • Target Narrow Audience
  • Page 1 in 24 Hours
   https.// for ads
    Measure Your Success
  • Google Analytics
  • Campaign Effectiveness
  • Average Sales
  • Site Abandonment
  • Track Conversions
  • Start with a Foundation of Great SEO
  • Be Mobile-Friendly
  • Have an Active Blog
  • Invest in Paid Advertising
  • Measure Your ROI!
Until next time...
That's all for now folks.....

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