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Chartered 1924
District 7850
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Granite Chips
Hail to the International Chief

All That is Unfit or Fit to Print
While dining on chili, cornbread and salad, Caroline was first to rise and announce that Alona was writing an article on our Club’s admission of a woman member after the Supreme Court Decision that Rotary had to admit women. Eddie was next and proposed a fine of one-and-nine on Caroline because her name appeared in the newspaper, listing her finishing 53rd in a marathon. She added, “out of 55.” Fine passed.  Karl was up to note we have books on our website about our Club commemorating the 50th and 75th anniversaries. 
A Constitutional Moment
President Tony called on Caroline to provide us with “A Constitutional Moment.” She focused on the Fourteenth Amendment Section 3. It prevents a person from holding high office such as senator, representative, president, vice president and some state offices if that person had engaged in an insurrection, rebellion or given aid or comfort to the enemies. It is timely since hearings are now being conducted to determine if some representatives or senators had engaged in such activity on the January 6, 202l assault on the U.S. Capitol. The Constitution is alive and doing its job! Thanks, Caroline.
Since Last We Met
Birthdays: John Steinman  April 9
Butch Churchill  April 10
Tom Babic  April 17
On this day in history: 1999 Teen gunman kills thirteen at Columbine High School.
2008 Danica Patrick becomes the first woman to win an Indy race.
The Pope Rises-Is Fined-Returns to His Resting Place
The late Bob Pope arose from his seat and proposed a fine of one-and-nine on Caroline for her name appearing in the newspaper. That fine was turned back around to him since she had already been fined for this serious infraction of Rotary etiquette before his arrival. Without “a leg to stand on” (no defense), he collapsed onto his seat. One more dollar for the coffers. He needs to reflect on “Better Late Than Never.”
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words/ Are Two Worth Two Thousand Words?

President Tony presented checks to Loren and Eddie for Aldrich and Spaulding projects, respectively.
Remembering Our Founding Father
George garnered President Tony’s attention and was dutifully recognized. He reminded us that the founder of Rotary, Paul Harris, was born on April 19, 1868 in Racine, Wisconsin. At the age of three, he moved to Wallingford, Vermont where grew up under the care of his grandparents.  He attended the University of Vermont (Karl: “He flunked out!”) and Princeton University and received his law degree from the University of Iowa in 1891. He settled in Chicago and opened a law practice and with some other businessmen founded Rotary and later Rotary International. Thanks George for bringing this to our attention. It makes for a special “fellowship” knowing our founder lived in Vermont.
Caroline introduced the incoming President of Rotary International, Jennifer Jones, our speaker, via video.
Jennifer E. Jones, a member of the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland, Ontario, Canada, will be the Rotary International president for 2022-23, a groundbreaking selection that will make her the first woman to hold that office in the organization’s 115-year history.
President-Elect Jennifer is founder and president of Media Street Productions Inc., an award-winning media company in Windsor. She is a current Rotary Foundation trustee, and has been a Rotary member since 1997.  She is also the co-chair of the End Polio Now Countdown to History Campaign Committee, which aims to raise $150 million for polio eradication efforts. President-Elect Jennifer recently led the successful #RotaryResponds telethon, which raised critical funds for COVID-19 relief and was viewed by more than 65,000.
Jennifer began her speech with a story about connecting with a Rotarian whom she had met in Hamburg, Germany to ask her if she could help securing a seat on an evacuation plane out of Afghanistan for a young woman. She in turn connected with a Rotarian who had become a Rotary Peace Fellow to see if he could help. A few days later, the young woman was on a flight out of Afghanistan. Making connections and the power of Rotary are illustrated in this story. Jennifer continued with  stories throughout her speech. She talked about sharing an experience covering the taking down of the Berlin Wall when she was a rookie reporter in Windsor, Ontario with a reporter in Berlin, Germany. They both agreed: “ That one must grab history.” Twenty-five years later on the anniversary of the event, she and the reporter shared tears.  Sharing such experiences can increase understanding and lead to world peace. Another theme was that of inclusion. She went on to talk about how removing barriers is the key to inclusion and inclusion is the key to membership. In her example of being interviewed, the interviewer, a 30 year Rotarian, admitted that he “didn’t get Rotary” until his participation in a community coat donation project. Jennifer touched on engaging our members, adapting and retooling and implementing new models. We need to provide members with responsibilities and at the same time we need to comfort and care for our members. She introduced her theme for the year by a quote from John Lennon’s lyrics: “You may say I'm a dreamer/But I’m not the only one.” Imagine a world without polio, free of disease, clean water, kindness and peace. She ended with reciting Imagine in several languages and asking us, beginning on July 1st, how we are going to choose to use the Rotary year’s 525,600 minutes. Her speech was uplifting and inspiring and brought several Rotarians to tears. It is well worth viewing and reading Caroline’s insightful comments in her recent email which contains the link to the speech. 
Welcome Chief Vail
Last week our guest speaker was Chief of Police Braedon Vail. In his honor, Arthur Zorn penned a parody which was sung by the Rotarians assembled. Here it is:
 The Barre Rotary Club Welcomes Chief Braedon Vail      
Sung to the tune of  Home on the Range
( words in parentheses are sung together quickly) 
Oh, give us a home,  (where our Chief)  Vail now roams,
And all criminals,  now stay  at home
Where seldom is heard, a discouragin' word
And (Community Coalitions ) Chief Vail now unfolds
Welcome to Barre  Vermont
Where Braed Vail and his officers romp
Where seldom is heard, a discouragin' word
And the City Council passes all budget requests!
From Warwick New York  (a good man) was brought up
To “Protect and  Serve”   is just what we need 
As one community,  (we'll join together)  willfully 
And support our police and their new boss
Welcome to Barre, Vermont
Where Braed Vail and his officers romp
Where seldom is heard, a discouragin' word
And the City Council passes all budget requests!    

Meet  on April 27th at the Aldrich!  

Until next time, that's all folks,,,,


Club Information
We meet every Wednesday at
12:00 Noon at Post 10 of
The American Legion,
320 North Main Street,
Barre, VT.
Call 802.479.9058 for more information,
or to email President Tony Campos please 
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