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Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
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Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
Morse Code Alive
Take it to the Limit: Pass the Gavel---One More Time
After the rituals and helping ourselves to a salad topped with seasoned chicken breasts, rolls and strawberries and cake, fifteen Rotarians and guests sat down to eat, converse and fine. Tony, as usual, was first on his feet and asked President Liane to pass the gavel. Tony proposed a fine of one-and-nine on her for not properly inviting our first responder guest speaker to sit with her at the head table. She explained that she had been interrupted by fellow Rotarians so many times that she hadn’t gotten there yet, but her intention was to do so. Fine passed. After a few moments, Tony rose and again asked President Liane to pass the gavel and proposed a fine on her for whining about setting up and putting the room back in order each week. President Liane defended herself by saying that she had the right to run the meeting the way she wanted and that she didn’t feel the love she was told that she would feel each week. Fine passed. She then read an email from Carol Dawes regarding the Joint Service Clubs Recognition Dinner that we are hosting this year. After reading a litany of what needed to be done and reminding everyone that the event occurred around the same time as our Annual Rotary Ball, she recognized Joe and he assured her that everything would be easily accomplished. Bob then requested that President Liane pass the gavel yet again and proposed a fine of one-and-nine for continuing to whine. Using resignation to another fine as her defense worked and the fine didn’t pass.
Secretary’s Report and Reportia Interruptus
Sue asked Rotarians to introduce our guests: Tony introduced Bruce Fisher who, after auditioning other clubs, has selected ours to join; to his right Tony introduced John Steinman who is rejoining our club after an absence of several years; and Bob introduced Lauren Polk, Acting Director of the Aldrich Public Library. Sue interrupted her report to propose a fine of one-and-nine on Tony for mistitling our opening song, referring to it as the National Anthem instead of America the Beautiful. Fine passed. She then continued with birthdays (Bob Pope-August 6th; Scott Funk-August 7th; Chandra Pollard-August 30th; and join-date anniversaries (Sarah White-4 years; and Ron Parnigoni-48 years).
A Flurry of Dollars Hit the Basket Ahead of Our Speaker
Lauren gave ten Happy Dollars for a successful breakfast. John gave five Happy Dollars in celebration of his 25th wedding anniversary. Tony added a Happy Dollar in recognition of his marriage to Cindy of thirty-three years. A fine of one-and-nine was proposed on Karl Rinker, in absentia, for listing Char Rinker on our website without his name under anniversaries.
Morse Code --…----.. Is Alive and Well in Barre
President Liane introduced our speaker, paramedic and fire fighter Zack Tillinghost with a personal touch; her father was a fireman in Barre and a fire marshal for the State of Vermont. On display during her introduction and during his presentation were her father’s helmet and badge.  
Zack began by pointing out what distinguishes Barre Town and Barre City. While Barre City has a combined career fire and ambulance department, Barre Town has separate ambulance and fire services. All Barre City Fire Department personnel are cross-trained. Barre City has a fire chief and a deputy heading up the department. They are four shifts which are twelve hours long with seventy-two hours off between shifts. Emergency services include: fire suppression (structural, automobile and wild land); vehicle rescue; minor technical rescue; and medical services (transporting ambulance and paramedic level of care). The EMS team is made up of the following: an emergency medical technician; an advanced medical technician; a paramedic; and critical care paramedic. Zack presented some statistics that show a favorable comparison of BCFD with Burlington’s fire department in terms of efficiency. He also reported that last year the department responded to 2515 calls. In answering a question regarding fire alarm boxes he told us that they are still in use in Barre and the signal is transmitted by Morse code. Those assembled found Zack’s talk informative and interesting and they showed their appreciation for his presentation and his work with a heartfelt round of applause.
Until next time, that's all folks.....
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