The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Granite Chips
October 18, 2023
The Opening
Fourteen Rotarians and one guest recited the Pledge of Allegiance under the leadership of President Eddie, and Caroline provided us thoughts of gratitude.
We will meet on Wednesday, Nov. l, 2023 at 802 Coffee for lunch of soup and sandwich with a tour following. Details forthcoming. 
On Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2023  we will meet with Interact in the library at Spaulding High School from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. to hear about its projects and from a student who attended RYLA. Pizza will be served. 
Nicole reminded us that the Drop ‘N Swap Clothing Drive will be held at the Armory at Norwich University. Drop off on Saturday, October 29th from 9-3 and Swap on Sunday, October 30th from 12-5.
A reminder that yearly payment for meals is available to members at a significant savings. 
President Eddie urged members to use their connections to identify speakers and let Tom or him know. 
The World Santa Drive will take place on Saturday, December 2, 2023 at the Granite Museum. Buying in bulk for multi years is being explored as a cost savings measure. Caroline reminded members that our usual donation is $1500.
Bucks for the Basket
Caroline offered the Happy Dollars for: World Polio Day; Paul wearing his pin on his sweater for several days; today’s speaker and their  connections; and for being a happy person. 
Keith did not have to move very much to put a buck in the basket to declare happiness in visiting Acadia National Park with his wife, sister and niece.
Tony gave a Happy Dollar because of his happiness for the use of the Rotary pin.
Tom gave a Sad Dollar in reporting that the home of a worker at Meals on Wheels, Betty, burned down and she and her husband suffered burns over 80% of their bodies. Prayers and thoughts go out to them.
Ted chimed in with a Sad Dollar because he didn’t order a badge for Patrick. 
Karl admitted that his picture had been in the newspaper and threw in a dollar for breaking the rule “ Thou shall not show thy face in public or any other body part.”
This and That
Caroline expressed her excitement that she had interviewed two women under 30 years of age who have joined Rotary in the last three years for District Governor-Designate. The prospect of members having this profile is encouraging for the future of Rotary.
President Eddie et al. educated our guest speaker, Alan Rubel,  on the mission of Rotary to eradicate polio from the face of the earth.
Karl reminded us that those wishing to donate to end polio can do so on our website. (
Since Last We Met    
No birthdays or anniversaries.
On this day in history: After much opposition, a deal negotiated by U.S. Secretary of State William Seward for the U.S. purchase of the Russian colony of  Alaska was approved, and on this day in 1867 the U.S. flag was flown over the capital, Sitka.
On this day in history: In 1961, the acclaimed musical film West Side Story, an adaptation of the Broadway play, was released in American theaters; it won 10 Academy Awards, including that for best picture.
Burdens and Blessings
Tom introduced our speaker, Alan Rubel, a longtime Barre resident, who provided us with a “heartfelt exploration into the world of personal caregiving.” He authored, with Mark Resnick and Michael Tenaglia, the book “The Greatest Burden,
The Greatest Blessing.”
He began by being reminded of other service clubs where he was a guest or the speaker. He remembered being at a Lions Club meeting at the Country House (now Asian Gourmet) where he was served ham (not a preferred meat of Jews). At other meetings it seemed that most often, at least when he was attending, ham was served. Turkey today.
Alan gave us a sample of the fifty stories which constitute the content of the book. He mentioned caring for his father who lived until the age of ninety-eight. With the help of his wife, Sharon, they were the major caregivers.The blessings were his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. He told the story of his wife and her battle with liver cancer. Treatments, travel to hospitals, including  to Mass General every three weeks for thirteen years. With the burden came the blessing of his decision to be the best person that he could.
He continued with a few stories of famous people and their caregivers who are included in the book, but he emphasized that the subjects of the stories come from all walks of life. One example clearly reflected the title. It was the story of two sisters who did not get along and became close after one developed cancer and the other  became her caregiver. Through the burden of caregiving came the blessing of a loving relationship between them. 
Rotarians found his presentation interesting and appreciated his passion for the topic. They gave him a warm round of applause in thanks.

Club Information
We meet every Wednesday
at 12:00 at the
Aldrich Public Library
6 Washington Street
Barre, VT.
District Site
Call 802.476.07550 for more information
or email President Nicole DiDomenico 
Oct 25, 2023
Club Assembly
Nov 01, 2023
Julia Watson will give a Tour of coffee making process
Nov 08, 2023
Interact Update from Spaulding High School
Nov 15, 2023
Classsification Talk
Nov 22, 2023
Let us be thankful for all our blessings
Nov 29, 2023
Susan will share her vision for District 7850
Dec 13, 2023
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