Granite Chips June 14, 2023
More Than A Fist Full of Dollars
Thirteen Rotarins and two guests recited the Pledge of Allegiance before Happy Dollars began flowing in. 
Bertil gave a dollar for missing so many meetings because of traveling and then immediately announced that he would be in Sweden for the next three weeks.
Nicole (in absentia) gave a Happy Dollar, via  proxy, because her daughter received her visa to travel to Tanzania.
DG Caroline gave two  dollars to polio and a Happy Dollar for the change in district governor.
Art threw in a Happy Dollar for George Milne’s inspiration for his musical work.
George, in turn, gave a Happy Dollar for Art’s music and lyrics.
Keith threw two Happy Dollars into the basket for spending a vacation in Orlando with his grandchildren.
Doug gave a Happy Dollar for a job well done by DG Caroline as  district governor.
Joe added $4 to the coffers for his sister’s successful hip replacement surgery and a dollar for whatever. 
Karl followed up with a Happy Dollar citing Joe’s good deed of distributing sculpture maps to the downtown businesses. 
Since Last We Met
Birthday: Brenda Waterhouse  June 3
Club Anniversary: Joe Preddy  June 1, 2002  21 years
On this day in history:In 1777 The Continental Congress approved the Stars and Stripes as the first national flag of the United States.
On this day in history: In 1940 German forces entered Paris, beginning a four-year occupation of the French city.
Guests: Art Zorn, Friend of Barre Rotary and Garrett Grant, Interim Library                                                 Director of the Aldrich Public Library
Karl announced and showed us the 2023 Splash t-shirt.
This is the second reading of Patrick Gardner who has applied for membership. He is seeking opportunities to serve local communities and has family members who were previously Rotarians. 
Tony announced that the Changeover Dinner would take place on June 27th at Pearl Street Pizza.
George announced that the Montpelier Rotary Club is celebrating its 100th anniversary on June 21st from four to six at the Capitol Plaza. Tickets are $100 with  $70 going to the club and $30 to the Rotary Foundation. 
DG Caroline is sponsoring a RYLA attendee and invites three other Rotarians to do the same. Let her know if you would like to be a sponsor.
Art Horn’s art work is on display at Lost Nation Theater.
Karl and Linda Kinry were interviewed on WCAX regarding the Barre Art Splash. Karl will make the link for a video of the segment available.
Doug and Patrick filled the rest of the time with military stories.