Posted by Karl A. Rinker on Jun 27, 2023
On the night of June 27, 2023 the Barre Club gathered at Pearl Street Pizza to celebrate the changing of club presidents. 
We started off with the pledge and some singing led by Arthur Zorn on the piano.
   Then we went straight to the meal of cesar salad, meat balls with polenta and pizza followed by a great cake. Great fellowship was had by all!
President Nicole started the evening off by thanking the "Rotarians of the Quarter" and then thanking the whole board with a special note to each one.
Tony Campos told us what it means to be a "Paul Harris Fellow" and then presented a PHF pin to Bob Pope.
Next up Tony again, this time to induct Patrick Gardner into the club as our newest member.
Nicole puts the Rotary pin on Patrick.
Nicole presents a picture to Eddie that he always wanted.
Toward the end Nicole pins new president Eddie with a president pin.
President Eddie makes some comments as our new president and then presented Nicole with some special stones, some wine, a book and a nice jacket for her very successful year leading the club.
Eddie and Nicole with Stefano Coppola, Pearl Street Pizza owner.