Posted by Karl A. Rinker on Dec 08, 2020
Sponsored by The Barre Rotary Club
In collaboration with the Barre Paletteers
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
Cats, Dogs, Frogs, Bears, Pigs and Thunder Road Race Cars Are Coming to Barre
This is the second year that The Barre Rotary Club is doing this exciting fund-raising project.  We hope to continue this project every other year in Barre.
Make plans to host a decorated fiberglass art item for the summer of 2023. They will be available for as little as $400.00 and will be decorated by well-known artists as well as The Paletteers of Vermont. All art items will be on display from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend on North Main Street in beautiful downtown Barre and will be auctioned off on September 16, 2023 at 2 PM at The Barre Art Splash Auction & Gala at The Vermont Granite Museum of Barre.
Note; Race cars will be 1932, Ford, Three Window, Coupes, 1934 five window coupes from Thunder Road & Ford & Chevy late-models.
How Does the Barre Art Splash Work?
The Barre Paletteers and other artists will decorate the art items during the fall and winter of 2022/2023.
Sponsors looking for a design to complement their business can contact a Barre Rotary Club officer and we will work with you to organize a meeting with an artist to create a design specific to your business.  Club officers are listed on the bottom right side of the home page of our web site, The Artists will then transform their art items for the May unveiling. Art items will be on display from Memorial Day through Labor Day.     Click here to see the all the decorated art items from 2021.
Sponsors will have the choice of the art objects being displayed in front of their business if it is on North Main Street. Below is what they will look like on a steel stand  from DMS Fabrication with a beautiful granite base from Swenson Granite once decorated.
Our first art item, "Denise" on a galvanized stand mounted on a beautiful granite base. The stand and the base weigh 250 lbs.
Where do the Art Items Go After the summer?
Following their summer on the street, the art items will be auctioned off at The Barre Art Splash, Auction & Gala at the Vermont Granite Museum, September 16, 2023. The profits are then divided up.  Firstly, in profound appreciation for the work done by the artists, they will receive a 30% share of the gross amount that the art item brings at auctioned.  The net proceeds will then go to The Barre Rotary Club to fund many of the “good works” projects that the club does on a regular basis.
How do you come up with the $400.00 sponsor fee?  Be creative..... Partner with another business to sponsor a cat, dog or old race car. Or Maybe Co-op with.....   
A neighboring business                             Your local contractor or engineer  
Your local landscaper                                Your financial institution   
Your favorite purveyor                              Community organizations    
Your local fuel provider                             Some of your board members   
 Your regular customers                             Your financial advisor or accountant  
Your healthcare provider                           Your plumber, electrician, roofer..... 
      The opportunities are endless.           
All Sponsor names will appear on
the Official Barre Art SplashGuide and Map.   
Available in Print and Online! 
We will have 41 art items featured throughout Barre from Memorial Day – through Labor Day 2023. 
Choices Available
Item Number: 111       
Dimension: 28”H x 18” W x 14"D
Item Number: 112   
Dimension: 28"H x 29"L x 13"D       
Item Number: 178              
Dimension: 20”H x 35” L x 9” D
Item Number: 3302                                                         
Dimension: 20”H x 35” L x 9” D                      
Item Number: 3313
Dimension: 30”H x 18” W x 10” D   
 Item Number: 3317 A
 25” H x 28” W x 12” D 
Item Number 145
Dimensions: 36”H on 2” Base
Item # 106
Dimensions: 29”H x 18”W x 22”D
Item # 317
Dimensions: 12” x 19’W x 18”D
Item # 127
Dimensions: 17”H x 22W x 12”D
The cats and dogs will be manufactured by The Cowpainters Company in Chicago an all-woman owned company
RACE CARS - COUPES - 1932 Three Window & 1934 Five Window
This 1934 Ford, Five Window Coupe, from Thunder Road, now owned by Lloyd Hutchins of Barre and driven by  “POKEY PAPPY FORSYTH” will be one of the race cars built.  We wish to thank Lloyd for providing this car to The Arcana Workshop, Owned by Mike Turner in Barre. They are building the mold and will manufacturer the fiberglass race cars right here in Barre. We will be helping to keep jobs in Barre and maybe create jobs if enough race cars are sponsored.
# 12 Norm Chaloux the Flying Frenchmen
# 32 Johnny Gammell
# 11 “Black” Jack Dubrul
3 J Car Paul Martel
# 88 Armand J. Laquerre
Undecorated LM Car
# 64 Chris Pelkey - Thunderoad - 2022 King of The Road& Milkbowl Winner
# 48 Evan Hallstrom
# 13 Boomer Morris
# 2 Stephen Donahue
# 88 Nick Sweet - 2021 Thunderoad Milkbowl Winner
# 51 Car - Jason Corliss - Russel Ingersen Tribute Car Getting Lettered
Art Auction September 16, 2021 at the Vermont Granite Museum at 2 PM.