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Granite Chips
The Red Cross Sounds the Alarm
Lots of Dollars and Lots of Categories of Them
Tony was first on his feet after rituals had been completed and twelve Rotarians and four guests were digging into shepherd’s pie, salad and cake. He offered a Happy Dollar to celebrate a happy visit to Billy Rossi in Shelburne by four Rotarians. You can view photos of the visit on our website. Elizabeth chimed in noting that Billy loves socks (and cards). If you are inclined to make Billy even happier than the picture shows on the website, then send either or both to: Billy Rossi, The Residence at Shelburne Bay, The Haven #142, 185 Pine Haven Shores Road, Shelburne, VT 05482. Tony threw in a Sad Dollar for breaking the granite Rotary wheel and the podium on which it resides. (Calling on Bertil once again to make repairs. Get your glue out.) Loren gave four Advertisement Dollars for announcing a restructuring at the Aldrich with additional hours being added without a significant financial impact. She also announced that Bob Vila of This Old House fame has named the Aldrich Public Library as the fifth most beautiful public library out of a field of over eleven thousand in the nation.  Eddie paid a dollar for his phone ringing during the meeting. Joe gave a Happy Dollar for no particular reason. Bruce gave a Sad Dollar for which reason I do not remember. Nicole gave: a dollar for guests from the Red Cross being present; and another for getting a solid night’s sleep. Eddie gave a Happy/Sad (?) Dollar for the Norwich Women’s Hockey Team’s coach securing the head coach’s position at Yale. Karl gave a Brag Dollar for skiing 700,000 vertical feet so far this season. It was also reported that Tony had be hospitalized briefly for battle injuries incurred while impersonating a king on the set of Game of Thrones.
Secretary’s Report
Bruce announced birthdays and anniversaries: John and Butch are birthday boys; and Carol Dawes and Loren celebrate anniversaries. Loren introduced her daughter Adella who was attending our meeting today.
Sound the Alarm
Eddie introduced Maria Devlin, CEO, American Red Cross, Vermont & New Hampshire. Instead of a PowerPoint presentation, she opted for a more informal approach which included questions during her remarks. She began by asking “What comes to mind when you think of the Red Cross?” Most of the responses were part of the mission of the Red Cross. She began by pointing out that the Red Cross, nationwide, responds to 65,000 fires every year. They provide such services to victims as: finding a place to stay; purchasing food and clothing; replacing lost possessions; and notifying loved ones. In responding to a question regarding funding, she said that the Red Cross receives no federal (large emergencies are an exception) or state funding. It receives money from the American people and foundations and through grants. The humanitarian effort utilizes the most volunteers in responding to international disasters, helping victims of fires, providing counseling, financial services and connecting family members of the armed services and helping refugees finding love ones. The Red Cross has about twenty thousand paid professionals, mainly in blood services. It is the largest supplier of blood in the U.S. It also provides first aid, CPR and aquatics training. It engages youth in classroom and after school programs that focus on fire prevention. The members of their program Sound the Alarm will be teaming up with fire departments, volunteers, and partners on Saturday, April 27, 2019 at the Barre Auditorium to install free smoke alarms in the Barre area. You can schedule an appointment for installation or volunteer by calling 800-6466692 or visit Members found her presentation not only informative, but also interesting and showed their appreciation with a warm round of applause.
Until next....that's all folks.
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